Traphik quart.

Can you see what that is?
I had to go there to get a court date for a ticket I got. Speeding? No, I don't do that. Wreckless driving? Nope. DUI? Nope. No setbelt? naw. Driving with no hands? No. Failing to yield to a pedestrian? Yes. I was at a 3 way stop & a young man ran across the other side of the intersection from me. He was briskley walking but ran across the crosswalk when he saw the mounds of traffic. I had started to go before he stepped onto the street. The officer pulled me over & told me what I did wrong. I asked him how I didn't yield to the pedestrian. He told me the guy had to run to get out of my way...seriously? The geo couldn't accelerate that fast if it had a turbo in it...that thing crawls. I was at a dead stop & had started rolling when the kid THEN stepped onto the road. I explained to him the kid had already been jogging. He left the car with my license & insurance & returned with a citation...WHAT?! It didn't have an amount on it. I asked him how much it was. He said, "I'm not sure, but it's okay, it won't be for much." Oh, since it's a cheap ticket you might as well give it to me, right? Even if I didn't do it... lame. So I went to the court just to see how much the ticket was before deciding to do traffic court. $90....wow, I don't know about you, but that is a 5th of a months rent. Or a million loafes of bread. Does anybody consider $90 'not much?' Dang. So, I'm contesting it to a prosecutor on September 28. If I fail to show up...they will arrest me...hmm...I better not forget! :) xoxoda'gum


  1. Hope you have good luck in fighting it but whatever you do, don't forget it!!! Love you!

  2. you probably wont win, sorry to tell you! good luck though


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