What's Been Happening

(not in chronological order) We had a baby. just kidding. Wes got me all moved into the apartment. This is me after it's all over. I was sweaty & nasty. Camped in Fishlake for the Brinkerhoff Family reunion (yes I forgot my camera at our apartment). I came back to Tennessee & despite this picture, I love being home! I just sent this one to Wes bc I wish he was here!I've been hangin out w/ this cool pup I got wedding shoes! THANKS MOM!! My mom fitted the bodice of my wedding dress that she made. Holy cow, it's going to be beautiful, I am so excited!! Mom & I made mints for the wedding! I got this awesome picture from Weston. haha But it has been an awesome summer. It has been busy & insane at times. but I have received some awesome blessings too. Remember that class I forgot to write my 7 page paper for & did it in 2 hours? Yeah, I also forgot to turn in my take home final for it too. I scanned it & e-mailed it to my professor with my sobstory about having to move out, clean up & check out all in a day & get down to central utah for my fiance's family reunion. I begged for an ounce of credit for the exam, but told her I understood if she didn't give me any. She is giving me full credit for whatever I got right....what an incredible woman. We also got a letter from Elder Neil Anderson, the apostle! Isn't that awesome? It was a really neato note to Weston & I, and it said really nice things about my parents too. I'm excited for the sealing! 18 days till the wedding! xoxotime'sflyin!


  1. 18 more days! wow! just wanted to leave you a little tip. your adorable wedding shoes? yeah i have those--wore them to syds wedding. LOVED them but they game me horrrrible blisters.. make sure you break them in really good before the big day, and possibly wear a small bandaid on each pinky toe ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips, Kristie!


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