...sounds great! I have been busy in life. But never have I been so busy with so much on my mind!! It's craaaazy! I go home from one week from today!
The fiance won't tell me where we're goin on our honeymoon! RUDE!
I have to get cleaned up & moved out of my apartment & take 3 finals by Wednesday.
Then Wes' family reunion
& then fly home on Friday!
Yippee!! I am just looking forward to Wednesday night, because no matter what, I need to be moved out of my apartment. As of right now, I have NO idea where I'm storing my stuff for the last couple weeks, and I have no idea where we're living when I get back from Tennessee. But it will work out fine! :)

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  1. Your Mom has been telling me all that you have going, Rachel. Does it help to know that my heart goes out to you as you work through all the challenges? Just want to say I love you and will be happy for you when Wed PM comes around. We are always trying to wish our lives away, wanting the next happy thing to roll around, it is just the nature of living in a tough world I guess. It will be less tough with someone to share your life with and SOON! So happy for you and Weston to have each other, soon to say from this day forward...!


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