Happy Birthday, Birthday Husband!

Today is the hubs birthday! How lucky of him to have a birthday! 

I am so excited to celebrate this one! 

He's a grand ol' whopping....hold your breath..... 

aka a very old man.
I tease him about his white eyebrow hairs!

He is just so cute!

Some things I love about him:

He claws me w/ his toenails on accident.
He has the greatest smile that always lights up my day.
He is so sincere.
He can hear, see & smell well.
He thinks every meal I cook is the best.
He  randomly exclaims in grocery stores or anywhere how he's so lucky to be married to such a beautiful girl.
..including people in the booth next to us at a restaurant
[I get embarrassed, but secretly love it.]
He is left handed.
He still hogs the covers.
He sits in the room when my VTs come too..he's so cute!
He holds me on the couch during a movie even if he's super not-comfy.
He holds my hand at Dr.s appts.  I get nervous.
He laughs all the time.
Sometimes his jokes don't sound like jokes.
He is superdy strong.
He is happy 99.9% of the time.
He hates traffic.
He loves running.
He loves working out.
He loves anything physical.
He is the energizer bunny, I swear.

We watched a movie after that insanely busy last week.  I slept starting from 8pm till 6am the next morning. He stayed awake the entire movie.
He loves movies.
He likes to scare me.
His favorite veggie is corn.
He won't ever reach in my purse.
He is as honest & ethical as they come.
He might get a bad case of B.O. when he works out.
I did not mean for this to become some awesome pyramid thing.
He is a hard worker.
He loves being all manly & burly like he is.
He loves when he finds a running partner that runs the same pace. aka not me :)
He is extremely competitive
He loves comedies.
He says he hates chick flicks, but bottom line, he really liked The Proposal and Life As We Know It.
He loves when I wear my retainers to bed. not.
He hates when his hair gets longer than a cenimeter.
He loves being a forest firefighter.
He hates his sales job.
He motivates me.
I motivate him.
He loves his family dearly.
He loves my family too.
He always listens to what I have to say.

We spoke in Sacrament Meeting a couple weeks ago [yep, my first talk at BYU EVER] & I might've talked for 30 minutes...and we had 15 minutes each to talk...so the bishop told him to go for 10..which went overtime.  But it went hilariously w/ his comment from the day before when he told me I talked the most in our marriage. hahahah whoops. I'm lucky to have him!

We went to watch Weston's sister speak in her ward a couple months ago & Weston's dad asked me after church if I saw all the girls heads turn & look at Weston when we walked through the aisles late [we had been sitting in the wrong chapel].  I most definitely did, he's MY head-turner :) 

He's a handsome devil & I love him so much! I can't believe through all the drama that we ended up together.  Well, actually I can believe it, bc for some reason I knew it would happen.  BUT our dating scene was all over the place.   Just reminisce in old blog posts for a recap. It's hilarious.Weston is the greatest guy I have ever met. He has the work ethic of an ox. A smile that melts the coldest hearts.  Wisdom of an old owl.  The brains of Einstein.  The nerdiness of Steve Urkel.  The laugh of a hyena. Just kidding.  He has the best sense of humor! I love making him laugh.  He even usually laughs at all my stupid jokes. He tells a lot of Laffy Taffy jokes.  He was raised to be an amazing man by wonderful parents!  He is as straight as an arrow & always tries to do what is right.  He is the bravest guy & a slight adrenaline junky.  He is an incredible snow-boarder.  He is a great student & has made all As this semester!  I am so happy to be married to him!

He's the most amazing husband & a worthy priesthood holder. & the hottest guy ever.  What girl wouldn't want all 3 of those to check off their list? That's right.
I am lucky!

Happy BIG 2-4 old man! 

 This fatso entered the world!
Have you ever seen so much chubbiness goin on?
hahahah I love it!

 The smile I love!

Oh yeah. Head-gear!

Oh yeah, he's all mine!

P.S. cool fact I got my Patriatarchal Blessing on March 31, 2005.  My hubby's 18th birthday! Crazy!


Exhausted can't even begin to explain...

Wow, I feel like I've been hit by a bus & then reversed on. over. and over....

Wes feels like it 3x more...
he ran 18 miles last weekend...I'm still looking for the loose screw,bc I'm sure there's one in there somewhere that makes him want to do that. In preparation for Yesterday's extremely long haul of a day, sweet Wes woke up at 5 & made us dinner for that night & tupperwared it for us. At 7 we left for work. & school & then we ended the night w/ 7-midnight Branbury training! Bahah, I am so pathetic with staying up late...if I'm up later than my usually 9/10pm bedtime I crash. fast. But we pushed through & it was a long day. But seriously, I LOVED it there last night! We met lots of awesome people that we'll be working with. I'm very excited & can't even begin to explain to anyone the divine intervention helping us get that job. & how every puzzle piece has just fallen into place.  Anyways. So last night, during our shift, just one of us needs to be on the clock, so Wes went & played basketball w/ the guys for a couple hours & came back. I thought something was wrong, but only that he was more tired than he has been in a long long long long time...hahhaha as we were driving home it was a good thing I was so hyper & talkative bc he just might've fallen asleep at the wheel.  We got home at 12:15 & passed out as soon as we hit the pillows.  This morning we woke up late, which is then when Wes is usually running around like a madman...but he just went and sat on the couch "What are you doing? Are you sick?"  "No, I just feel like I'm about to die, my body hurts so bad." hhaahhaahah I feel so bad for him...I can't wait till his first week back on the Fireline....he's going to be spent!  This whole desk job thing is really killing him ;)

Anyways, we are alive, even though right now I'm having a hard time keep my eyes open, but I can't nap bc I have class for 6 hours straight starting in a couple minutes...if I nap, I might just not wake up until tomorrow morning...





Did I tell you how we lost our Marriage Certificate?


Well....we did.

We dug around the apartment needing to get it to the Navy Office to figure out Navy Insurance.  Well, we then discovered we lost it. Darn.

We got another copy from the county clerk. nbd.
but still sad it wasn't the original.

So, tax time comes.  Weston worked about 500 million different jobs last year, so it was a joy collecting all his w-2s.  I had them all stacked neatly on top of the beautiful wire shelves in the kitchen.

Well a Saturday rolled around & I was just about to call my CPA Daddyo & I looked on top of the wire shelving & they were all...MISSING!

Just like the marriage certificate! 

DAAAANG!  So I searched the ENTIRE apartment, Wes searched the ENTIRE car...& we couldn't find them.

The only reasonable assumption is that they were stolen. From a homeless man. Who wanted to get our tax returns. and needed to prove his marriage.

So, admitting defeat we called & rounded up all the w-2s again. PARTY.

& meanwhile.  I got a text from Weston..."I found the marriage certificate...it was in my backpack." hahahah WHY it was there I had no idea.  "LOOK FOR THE W-2s!"  "Already did, it was the marriage cert all by itself"

So maybe the homeless man didn't need to prove his marriage afterall. but I still bet our taxes are already filed...and tax returns cashed...
Time to try the taxes again!!


p.s. on a sad note there have been many sad babies at the health center this a.m.  A broken leg, a circumcision(for some reason this really upsets the little babes), and a few just really sick toddlers.  It makes me sad to see all the little sad kiddos, but they're compensated by the other ones that make me die from laughing.


Some things never change.

Today I went & hung out w/ Deej in her classroom....talk about depressing. Going into an elementary school on a Saturday is any 10 year-old's nightmare... oh wait, it's still a nightmare even when you are 23...
Apparently teachers don't love school as much as student's think they do.... and despite how this looks she does sleep at her apartment at night, not in the classroom.

And she loves her job, I swear.

Please check out the hilariousness of her class at Danideej.blogspot.com




I was up late last night working on this shirt:
{please notice the husband's arm on the bed in the background hah}
After I finished sewing on the buttons, naturally, I was thrilled, so I had to send it to my family!  I sent this picture & another one to my Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Ma & Pa-in law & a couple sisters-in-law. (Poor Deej doesn't get picture texts.)

As I went to send the second picture I remembered as I typed in Dave(FIL's name), one of my church leaders from back home's number comes up first.  His name is Dave too... I frantically checked on my sent texts & sure enough...dear Dave Watson got the first picture I sent out. I was so embarrassed.  I sent a quick text message again, saying I meant to send that to someone else. Wowee..I wanted to climb in a hole.




Today I was telling Wes how I wanted to be tan.

His response:

"Let's go snowboarding! You'll get an awesome tan that way!"
"Uh...or the beach?!"
 Which one of these pictures comes to your mind when you think tan?
Yeah, me too


Ever played this game?
A couple years ago, Dani & I were making our seasonal commute from TN to UT. Ma & Pa gave me this game bc our family never played it much.  They never will know how many friends this game has made me.  From playing & lending. ANWAY. So, Dani's wallet had been stollen, but after a long series of events she was able to be let into the airport.  We kept talking about how glad we were that she was able to get through security. We then decided it wasn't such a grand idea to be talking about this over & over in the airport. I had catch phrase in my back pack & when you press start it gives the word you need to get your team to guess & it beeps really loud & begins to go faster & faster until the time is up! So, Dani body slammed my backpack as we were walking down the plane aisle..."beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep." As I scrambled through my backpack frantically to make it stop. After I stopped it Dani brings up the fact that that couldn't have looked very good.... & we both laughed hysterically...for the entire flight. BAHAHAH

I hope that story could even tap into the experience. though nothing could do it justice. I will now be packing catch phrase very carefully.
I was just reminded of that story, bc it just happened again...
in my class. Kristin had borrowed it last weekend.


p.s. I graduate 1 month from today!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Brother-Bear!

Today Spencie is 18!


Is this the same little boy w/ the cheese allergies?  Or the one that screamed crying his first few years of life?  Or the one that wouldn't swallow his pills Christmas morning?

My little Spence is all growed up!

He's going to be graduating high school in 2 months. & I wish so badly I could be there for it. After all he was at mine & will be at my college grad.  He is also the same boy that would sled down the stairs w/ me on blankets or an actual sled.  He's also the one that used to think he was a dog.  Or the little one we always made fun of for having such a huge head for his tiny body.  Or the one kristin & i fed sour cream on ice cream but told him it was coolwhip. He's the one Dani & I used to play with like he was our baby doll. We loved when Spencer was born & the home videos of us holding him in the hospital are so awkward. We were like,'...uhhh...is he going to steal some of our attention? Bc we're not sure if we're ready for this yet.'

But we love Spencer & even though he did steal our attention & earplugs were on our roadtrip packing lists, we're glad he joined our family!  I am SO excited to have the has-now-grown-into-his-head 6'3" 18 yr old brother out at BYU next year!

& I'm even more superdy glad to be staying here from Idaho!


Resident Assistance or is that Assistants?


You are reading the blog of the new RA couple at The Branbury.  Yes, I have heard all the sketchy stuff too...but that is a-okay! The smaller apartment is worth the benefits!  We are ecstatic!  It is a serious answer to prayers.

Last week we went apartment hunting in Provo & Orem because Weston will no longer be a Viking next year  he is transferring to UVU! He's already accepted & ready to go! We are thrilled!

So, goodbye BYU-I,

hello, UVU!
 & helllooooooow.

p.s. I finished another skirt. Holler!


So, Saint Patrick's Day.
I didn't wear green.

I didn't buy my husband green socks.
Nor did I wake up early to make cute green eggs or anything like that.

It's that wonderful time of the month for me. & I had plans to put green food coloring in this awesome Chicken casserole my mom used to make us growing up. But strangely, when I got home all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch, or die. Yes, I felt THAT great.

So the husband carried me to the couch cacooned me in his Navy Blanket & a pink one for the feet & I slept. & it was the best sleep.  I woke up to dinner made, house fabreezed, dishes DONE.  Love? I think so!

Also, this week has been C2G Choose to Give week at BYU. Where student's volunteer to dance around & ask people for money, it's pretty sweet. I got an e-mail asking me to volunteer too...but decided that I don't like staying on campus at night any longer than I have to, I didn't want to. SO, volunteer I did not.

However, yesterday, I was walkin through wilk after work to my class in the marb & lo & behold a dancing violinist in a c2g tee.  Hmm,I thought, this is a huge crowd watching a violin girl.  & then I realized why. She was popping, locking and dropping it. she was gettin low, she was two stepping....all while playing the violin...it was mesmerizing. Guys & girls alike were standing around staring w/ jaws dropped. I started laughing so hard wanting to go through the crowd picking up all the boys' chins off the ground. Apparently that girl got really far on "America's Got Talent." In our Research meeting Wednesday night Dr. Cole was talking about how they had llamas on campus for it. Boy, he was mad, "they were letting everyone pet their llamas & then the students all walked away & ate their sandwiches.  I wasn't seeing fun, cool llamas, I was seeing taxoplasmosis & infections!" 
Bahaha I'm so glad I paid enough attention, but not too much to get paranoid in his class a few years ago.
I was dying laughing.

Well. Anyway. Our Meningococcal study will be going on in a couple weeks all over campus. So, if you see a booth of us begging you to take our survey in exchange for a fortune cookie, please take the survey, even if it is just for the cookie!  We're stormin the dorms, the wilk & a few other place! Get ready BYU! 
We're hoping to get published! Talk about Sa-WEEET for the resume! holler.



Hodgey Podgey

Thanks everyone for all the comments!  I really appreciate all the love!

So on another note please check out this skirt I made!

I'm pretty impressed with it! Especially my nicely organized Ikea rack in the background :)
Once again, another HIGH quality Verizon phone pitchaaa.

Weston & I have had YET AGAIN.
Another change of plans.

Goodbye Byu-Idaho

Hellooooooow UVU.
Utah Valley University.

only $200 more in tuition, & that $200 is much more worth it to me for staying in Pootah!  I love having a sister nearby, & Weston's family just a skip of a rock away, we see them atleast a couple times a month, lucky us!

So, for some reason Weston is not a Utah Resident with UVU, we have to work on that, but he's accepted & starting there in the fall.

Which means.
We won't be in empty Rexburg.
We won't be surrounded by potato fields.
I won't be crying about the cold(er) and Dry(er) winters.
& Wes will be able to do the wildland firefighting every summer.

Also good news. Weston's past wildland firefighting job, he worked for the forest service.
BUT this summer he is working for the state.
So he wouldn't get the same promotion.
BUT his crew leader loved him so much, he's giving him the same promotion and pay as he would have had, if he'd done it again w/ the forest service. SO, every summer he'll be able to make lots of moolah that we can save...
Seriously folks, if I haven't pressed it enough. Tithing is a miracle worker.

Remember THIS post?
Or when THESE were our plans?
Or possibly THESE?

Yeah... we plan to not plan. They're the best kind :)



Little-Big Man Syndrome.

So, once Wes worked at a restaurant named Malawi's
There was a very small man named, we'll call him, Shmillan.
One of the workers at Malawi's failed to give Wes' mom a discount that should have been given for Weston's pizza for lunch one day.  So, I made sure it wasn't busy, there was no line & no customers waiting, & I walked back up to the register w/ my dear mother-in-law.  Smhmillan, the manager, was working at the register w/ the worker that had mispunched our ticket. I explained (very nicely) the problem & just asked if we could get the refund for the difference of the discount.  He told me that there was no way they can do refunds. (Anyone who has ever worked in any kind of a job, knows that every company has a way to fix the problems they have done.) So, I questioned his remark, and told him we would really like that discount.  (Joan had paid w/ a card) 

In response, little Shmillan snidely said,"What, do you want me to just give you a $5 from the drawer?" 

"Yes. However you would like to return it would be wonderful."

I was extremely surprised he had offered this, because now the drawer & credit card charges will be all messed up when they do accounting that night.  But the only reason he offered that is because he didn't think I'd really go for it.

Baha. So he gave us a $5.
Later that night, he yelled at Weston in front of everyone saying that his wife was demanding during the lunch "rush" & that it was ridiculous. blahh dee blaah dee blah.
Weston was fired the next day.

Which is bogus, because he had been promoted to a trainer & was given a $2 raise just a few weeks after he worked there.
He was obviously an asset.

That poor little man with little-big man syndrome is now being bit in the butt.

Too bad you can't be absolutely horrid towards people & get away with it.

We received word that he was fired today.

The business will flourish because of that decision now.
I am also grateful for Shmillan's little-big man syndrome, because he was an absolute idiot & fired my amazing husband, but now I don't have a nasty pizza-smelling husband to come into my arms at night! YAY! 


p.s. I had to look down in order to make eye contact w/ Shmillan.  He is, in fact, a little man.
 Lunch date before the temple!
"Waitin on a man...."
Deej made us some yummy whole wheat Barbecue Chicken Pizza...don't worry, it makes us all drool.
 One of our Sunday walks a couple weeks ago!
How big are YOUR utensils?
In Grandpa Brink's backyard....aka the garage/junkyard/shop/car-lot!
The Brinkerhoff men.
Grandpa Brink has to have that big wedge mattress things under his legs because his legs swell so bad his skin tears.
Wes thought this was hilarious.  I had no idea why he was taking my picture. Then he ran up to me & put it in my face & said "PROOF!"
He always complains that when I get in bed first I lay smack in the middle of the bed!
hahaaahhah it's true!  Want to know why? This has been Wes' bed for years & so now that we're married we're sharing the mattress he'd had to himself...so there's a divot in the center of the mattress that is perfect for a body. because when I lay on my side (the wall side) I always roll to the center.  So it's just easier to lay put in the center.  No big deal.
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