Did I tell you how we lost our Marriage Certificate?


Well....we did.

We dug around the apartment needing to get it to the Navy Office to figure out Navy Insurance.  Well, we then discovered we lost it. Darn.

We got another copy from the county clerk. nbd.
but still sad it wasn't the original.

So, tax time comes.  Weston worked about 500 million different jobs last year, so it was a joy collecting all his w-2s.  I had them all stacked neatly on top of the beautiful wire shelves in the kitchen.

Well a Saturday rolled around & I was just about to call my CPA Daddyo & I looked on top of the wire shelving & they were all...MISSING!

Just like the marriage certificate! 

DAAAANG!  So I searched the ENTIRE apartment, Wes searched the ENTIRE car...& we couldn't find them.

The only reasonable assumption is that they were stolen. From a homeless man. Who wanted to get our tax returns. and needed to prove his marriage.

So, admitting defeat we called & rounded up all the w-2s again. PARTY.

& meanwhile.  I got a text from Weston..."I found the marriage certificate...it was in my backpack." hahahah WHY it was there I had no idea.  "LOOK FOR THE W-2s!"  "Already did, it was the marriage cert all by itself"

So maybe the homeless man didn't need to prove his marriage afterall. but I still bet our taxes are already filed...and tax returns cashed...
Time to try the taxes again!!


p.s. on a sad note there have been many sad babies at the health center this a.m.  A broken leg, a circumcision(for some reason this really upsets the little babes), and a few just really sick toddlers.  It makes me sad to see all the little sad kiddos, but they're compensated by the other ones that make me die from laughing.

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  1. Why does everything always have to be so complicated??? I feel your pain looking for the paperwork. It is no fun the first time around and to have to do it TWICE. I really feel for you! Also, Rachel, I enjoy hearing your stories a lot from the medical center and am going to miss that. So glad you found your marriage certificate! So this means you have two copies now I guess. That's good and makes it official then. Hahaha


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