Little-Big Man Syndrome.

So, once Wes worked at a restaurant named Malawi's
There was a very small man named, we'll call him, Shmillan.
One of the workers at Malawi's failed to give Wes' mom a discount that should have been given for Weston's pizza for lunch one day.  So, I made sure it wasn't busy, there was no line & no customers waiting, & I walked back up to the register w/ my dear mother-in-law.  Smhmillan, the manager, was working at the register w/ the worker that had mispunched our ticket. I explained (very nicely) the problem & just asked if we could get the refund for the difference of the discount.  He told me that there was no way they can do refunds. (Anyone who has ever worked in any kind of a job, knows that every company has a way to fix the problems they have done.) So, I questioned his remark, and told him we would really like that discount.  (Joan had paid w/ a card) 

In response, little Shmillan snidely said,"What, do you want me to just give you a $5 from the drawer?" 

"Yes. However you would like to return it would be wonderful."

I was extremely surprised he had offered this, because now the drawer & credit card charges will be all messed up when they do accounting that night.  But the only reason he offered that is because he didn't think I'd really go for it.

Baha. So he gave us a $5.
Later that night, he yelled at Weston in front of everyone saying that his wife was demanding during the lunch "rush" & that it was ridiculous. blahh dee blaah dee blah.
Weston was fired the next day.

Which is bogus, because he had been promoted to a trainer & was given a $2 raise just a few weeks after he worked there.
He was obviously an asset.

That poor little man with little-big man syndrome is now being bit in the butt.

Too bad you can't be absolutely horrid towards people & get away with it.

We received word that he was fired today.

The business will flourish because of that decision now.
I am also grateful for Shmillan's little-big man syndrome, because he was an absolute idiot & fired my amazing husband, but now I don't have a nasty pizza-smelling husband to come into my arms at night! YAY! 


p.s. I had to look down in order to make eye contact w/ Shmillan.  He is, in fact, a little man.


  1. a) I could never picture you being demanding.

    b) I could never picture Weston doing anything that would be a legitimate reason to fire someone.

    c) This makes me mad and I wasn't even there for it.

  2. Hey Girl, I love your blog and reading about your married life.

    I think I know who your talking about in this Malwali incident. My husband and I went to eat there, he helped us. Well, he forgot about my order and our dessert pizza.

    I kinda hate Malwalis too! =)

  3. Great post (and Karma), huh? Wowee! That's crazy stuff! He got what was coming to him! Sad to say...

  4. if wes is still looking for a job, we need servers at spagetti factory and trust me, our bosses are wayyyy cooler!!


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