6 month

I figured the 6 month anniversary is a good time to actually post about our wedding, our receptions & post the pictures!
It has been the best 6 months of my LIFE!

 Home in August modeling the bodice for Mother!
 I've always been a good model
 My endowment at the Draper Temple
 The night before the wedding. This was probably 12am.
Our families got together for ice cream cake & a really fun shabang.
Wes & I all messy from an ice cream cake fight
The Temple
photos by Caitlin Sheffer

 My beautiful Bridesmaids:
Sisters-in-law: Melissa, Kellie & Tasha;  Me; Sister: Danielle; Best Friend: Sydney; Beautiful Cousin: Kristin;

 Our handsome wedding party! 

 Weston's sisters!
 Tyler's not into the whole bromance idea.
 Weston's family. AKA the best family to marry into ever. I am so blessed.
 I love this picture! 

 Mi Familia!

The Orangeville Reception

 My parents made our centerpieces & toted them from TN to UT & back to TN!! They were beautiful!

 Joan made the adorable "goodie bags"

 I love our cake!
My beautiful seeeester!
 So, my 6" heels made my feet hurt... yeah call me a wuss
 Yum, too bad I didn't get to eat any!

 "My Little Girl" Tim McGraw
 Jesse played the wedding song.
 Dancing to our wedding song, "Then" -Brad Paisley

 it was such a lovely evening!
 an innocent dip during some song....not sure which..maybe the wedding song?
hahahhahah I don't ever let him forget this one!

 so sweet & tender & calm.
 He's got long arms.
 I owned him, obviously.
 hahha Thank you Spencer
Hoorah for Benny boy! 
I love her!

Yeah, he was pretty much running to the car.
 Tennessee Reception
Photos by Fran Cliff
 The "B" Mother made!
Which now hangs ever so beautifully in our bedroom!
 Little Big Chase-Face setting out the little glowing bags.
 The watering hole.
 The entrance
 My mom is amazing!
Everything: Homemade.
Except the chairs...& tables....& picture frames!

 Like I said...my mom is amazing!
 Ah little Spencie is so handsome! Especially the asian eyes!
 I love him!
Three generations of good-lookers. I'm hoping we'll keep the tradition going!

 Me, Wes, Sister & President Hutchings (his mission president)

 My favorite were the chocolate covered pretzels

 Jack, Spence & Paul
The 3 Asians
 Fran loved the grass & mud on my feet. I was totally exhausted.
 Poppa & I!
 Grandmother made these thank yous!


  1. These pictures are so beautiful! Congrats on the 6 months, time sure goes by fast! haha.. and I love the dip picture :)

  2. Oh I'm so glad you put these pictures on!!! I loveeeeee them! Also my dad and I danced to the same song and for Alex and mine's song we danced to She's Everything by BRAD PAISLEY!!! How funny! You looked gorgeous and your receptions were so pretty! I love it!

  3. So fun to see these pictures again, Rachel! I loved seeing them! I love the second picture...reminds me of "The Grinch"...the pose, that is! That was a good time...that month! I'm glad I can still look back and smile and not cry...it was relatively simple and I was happy to be able to enjoy it with everyone else! Thanks for the post!! Love you!!

  4. hahaha i remember when he dropped you. that was the best thing ever! you looked beautiful, rachel. and sooo happy!! congrats on six months!!

  5. Boy, howdy did this bring back some happy memories! It is a wonderful thing when families marry into each other and everyone is so joyful about the union! We were all so very happy for you and Weston and still are! Always stay as loving to each other as you have been and your life will be a wonderful adventure together! Love you lots, Grandmother xxxooo


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