Hodgey Podgey

Thanks everyone for all the comments!  I really appreciate all the love!

So on another note please check out this skirt I made!

I'm pretty impressed with it! Especially my nicely organized Ikea rack in the background :)
Once again, another HIGH quality Verizon phone pitchaaa.

Weston & I have had YET AGAIN.
Another change of plans.

Goodbye Byu-Idaho

Hellooooooow UVU.
Utah Valley University.

only $200 more in tuition, & that $200 is much more worth it to me for staying in Pootah!  I love having a sister nearby, & Weston's family just a skip of a rock away, we see them atleast a couple times a month, lucky us!

So, for some reason Weston is not a Utah Resident with UVU, we have to work on that, but he's accepted & starting there in the fall.

Which means.
We won't be in empty Rexburg.
We won't be surrounded by potato fields.
I won't be crying about the cold(er) and Dry(er) winters.
& Wes will be able to do the wildland firefighting every summer.

Also good news. Weston's past wildland firefighting job, he worked for the forest service.
BUT this summer he is working for the state.
So he wouldn't get the same promotion.
BUT his crew leader loved him so much, he's giving him the same promotion and pay as he would have had, if he'd done it again w/ the forest service. SO, every summer he'll be able to make lots of moolah that we can save...
Seriously folks, if I haven't pressed it enough. Tithing is a miracle worker.

Remember THIS post?
Or when THESE were our plans?
Or possibly THESE?

Yeah... we plan to not plan. They're the best kind :)



  1. Your skirt looks soooo good! You'll have to let me borrow that pattern sometime and we can have sewing parties this summer...

  2. Congrats on the cute skirt and also on the non-move to Idaho! That would be a celebration at my house over and over!!! Happy for you both!!

  3. You made that skirt??? I loveeee it! So adorable!

  4. You made that skirt??? I loveeee it! So adorable!

  5. You made that skirt?? I loveeee it! So adorable!

  6. Rachel,
    Thanks for sending the photo to me of your cute, cute skirt! I am so proud of you, Girl! Things seem to be working out so nicely for you two and it just makes me HAPPY! Love you guys!


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