February 7 the husband leaves me for this:
But he'll really be wearing this:Wes got a call from his recruiter yesterday offering him a ship date of October 26...2010. He told him to talk it over with me & give him a call back. He picked me up from work yesterday & told me what was goin on & what our options were. He could leave now & we could earn a lot more money & get out of the super poorness level we're currently in & he could be back in May & do wildland fires again. Or he could stay with me til Feb 7, & do his 7 month training then. We talked it over and decided that being super poor & spending the holidays together definitely outweighs the bigger income sooner. So, aside from him feeling the pressure as the provider, he agreed & turned down the offer. Boy am I glad to have him a few more months before he goes. I'm going to miss him so much! He has signed with the Navy as a Medical Corpsman to the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is a part of our naval branch, & so that's why he's doing what he is. He is so excited for it. I am so excited for him. His desire to serve and patriotism runs deep in his family. His dad, his dad's dad, etc. all served & Wes had a really intense experience with the 9/11 terror & decided from then on out he did want to serve his country & defend our freedom to show his love & patriotism for our country. It's pretty incredible. I respect him so much & everyone else serving or who has served in our military. Thank you for all you do. xoxoGodblessAmerica


  1. Oh My Goodness, YES! We are so proud of Weston and his concern for our country! He will be an amazing asset to the military-a GOOD guy, with good intentions who has his life together and has a STABLE home life! Wow...nothing will stop him! Glad he will be with you through the holidays too, Rachel!

  2. Oh I am sooo glad that Weston decided to wait until Feb to go into the training! We really are looking forward to you all coming for the holidays! This was a very powerful entry, Rachel! I feel as you all do that we are such a blessed people to have been born here in America. I love my country and try to be something of a watchdog for liberty, doing my small part supporting an organization that educates people on the issues. Lets all keep praying for our country and especially for our fighting men and women! Love your blog so much, Rachel!

  3. oh my gosh rachel! i'm so glad you guys decided to be poor so you could stay together. that would be really sad! but worth it :)

    your life is like a movie.


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