My mom rocks.

Seriously, she's my fave. She's my little oasis from life! Every time I call she'll break her neck running down stairs to catch it. I can always count on her. She's obviously a babe, people mistake her for my sister. She lets me cry, but also tells me if I'm being irrational. She's the best mom anyone could ask for. (Target in Orem in June) She is the craftiest lady I know & made my entire wedding dress, 6 bridesmaid dresses & her own dress for the wedding. Plus, Jes' wedding dress. Yeah, she rocks. Here she is slaving away over my dress. (Home in Franklin 2 wks before the wedding) (TN Reception)She's my best friend. She makes me laugh always, has the same really weird humor that I do. She is a nerd like me. & still swears that she's good at math because the band came & tried to recruit her in 6th grade to be a drummer because of her high math scores... (Bridal Shower in TN...it was amazing) She's hard-working & literally will not sit down at the end of the day unless she's done everything for everyone that she possibly can. She was the best mom ever, because she was service oriented, so kind, really fun, super understanding, yet still whooped our butts into shape & taught us what determination, hard work, and perseverance were all about. She hates flakiness as much as I do. She is very pro-active, I get this from her, I think. She is centered around family and that is the sole focus of her attention. My mom totally rocks & I love her. She loves to play board games. & when I was younger & growing up I have such fun memories of doing puzzles with her. I have loved puzzles since day one...apparently people aren't too big of fans of puzzles, but this hot momma is too! I am so excited because next summer I am going to go home and do an internship & get in some extra awesome, special, & rare momma-daughter time with her, while Wes is gone for a year at training. I'm really excited to spend all summer with her (though I wish the husband wouldn't be gone). She's my best friend & I love her! (this is at my bridal shower in UT that Lisa threw, there were 30+ people there!)


  1. Your mom is super talented- I love your wedding dress!

  2. I tried to comment earlier and it wouldn't let me comment, Rachel, for some reason. This was a lovely piece on love between mother and daughter! It is as it should be! I love my daughers too and maybe one day you can say the same coming from the other side of things. Enjoyed all the photos, too!

  3. Momma with a happy heart!October 16, 2010 at 11:58 PM

    WOW! This was a HUGE surprise! I got on your blog tonight and thought "eh, there won't be anything new...she's 4 wheelin' this weekend!" haha! And then THIS!! Wow, how sweet, Rachel! I so love you!!! I am REALLY looking forward to having you home for the summer! And yes, we are gonna have fun crafting/sewing/quilting this summer!!! OOOOHWEEEE!!!

  4. Ooh...and let's do a puzzle while you're home! No, seriously! :)


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