Eyeball Detox

The eyeballs have looked like I have had a volcano go off in my eyes or something...
Here's the story.
So, we drove down to Bicknell when Wes got off work Friday night & got ther around 12:30 & talked with Grandpa Brink till almost 2... I was SLEEEEPY...so I thought, we're waking up at 5, I'm going to just crash in my contacts & I'll be fine. I woke up with them burning. Dang. It was only 3 hours! So I popped those suckers out, & wore my glasses as we drove up to the Henry's. After we got to the cabin I got the grand tour & then we all hung out for a little while & then took the 4-wheelers out for a LONG mountain ride. it was SO fun! Except my eyeballs cried about the dust the whole time..& that night..& the next day...& still today... Hoping the redness will fade :)
I will be a 4-eyes till they heal on up!


  1. Wish I were there to kiss your eyeballs better! I hope they heal soon...they are the only two you'll get! xoxoxox

  2. Oh, sorry, Rachel! No fun at all! Glad it didn't ruin your weekend though.


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