The blessings keep on a'pourin!

This last weekend seriously rocked.
Seriously, folks. Wes & I are 2 of the most blessed & looked out for people ever. I am feelin all good today! I got the FAFSA forms finished! I'm supposed to register tomorrow night, so let's pray for a speedy processing time! And the Jeep is sold! We met a U of U boy in Magna & basically handed it over to him as he handed the credit union the cash...& though I knew Wes would be crying when we pass any rocks or puddles, it is just so much better to be out of debt.
He was in town, which always makes me so happy.

I love getting to spend time with Spence.

I left fur collidge when he wuz thurteen oar foretean.

I miss livin so close to him. No worries, he'll be a coug next year!

She moved here.

Wes got Melissa a job at his work and she starts today! We're so happy to have her up her in Provo to have a little fun in the Provolone party! She came over Sunday night with Kristin & Joel & we all played games & holy cow, I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

This happened.

Wes is handing over the keys to the Jeep.
Yes, we sold the Jeep! A serious answer to prayers.
Out of debt baby & will be FOREVER. All I know is that it is not fun.
The greatest part of the weekend is I got a pretty good amount of time with this face.
Don't be fooled, he looks irritated, but he really loves it. He just loves getting squeezed or rubbed, forehead, cheeks, arm, head, calf. Anywhere, he loves it. His face is like putty & I got to play with it last night after everyone left. His eyes were rollin back into his head bc it felt so good...weirdo.
After a good face squishing I went & washed my face and teefers & this is what I turned around to. Face massages are so relaxing...

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  1. Such cute photos of the sister and brother here and of course, your special one, Weston. Enjoyed your blog post a lot, Rachel! Really happy to hear that you sold the jeep! Good for you guys in commiting to stay out of debt as much as humanly possible!


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