Why I love my husband.

He loves Christmas-time & holidays more than anyone I know.
We listened to Christmas music in September because we were so excited for Christmas.
I know this has a Christmas theme (I've been making decorations the past few weeks), but my landlord called this a.m. & left a voicemail. I NEVER check my voicemails, but I had to. On Friday I checked my 25 remaining voicemails, so this a.m. I only had 3. Anyways, I had a voicemail from my sweet hubby where he said something along the lines of "I know you never check your voicemails, so you won't get this till around Christmas, so here's for the season..." and then he sang me a Christmas Carol. He leaves me my favorite voicemails of all time.
He can't stand a dirty car & totes the windex, paper-towels & quarters for the vacuum.
He also cannot stand an unmade bed. He makes the bed with or without my help every morning.
He gets the coolest bed hair.
I think his 5 o'clock shadow is sexy.
His smile is worth a million bucks.
He makes me laugh more than anyone can.
I am so very happy around him.
I just love him so much!
Last night driving home from class I may or may not have teared up thinking about February. Thinking about how for 2 months we won't even be able to talk on the phone. Thinking how we won't be able to see eachother for atleast 4 months when I move back to Tennessee & will finally be close enough to come drive up to see him for a weekend. Oh, it's really really going to kill me.
Speaking of, on the news last night it announced the funeral on Friday for a 19-yr old Tooele soldier who was killed in the war. He was a medic. He was shot by a sniper, while saving another soldier. The other soldier lives. I'm really not looking forward to all of this.
But, there are a ton of fun times to be had before then! So, I'll, again, push it out of my brain for as long as I can! Anyone want to move in with me in February? It will be really, really fun! :)
Plus, I'm scared of the dark.


  1. O.K., very sad ending...don't think that way! Pray for his safety and have faiath! I know you do! Really cute post, though...I love that he leaves you sweet messages! Such a great thing!

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one that listens to Christmas music early (when Chris isnt around...party pooper) Savannah loves it though! :)

  3. Rachel, here is a good one to look up Alma 49:23! Of course, we know about the stripling warriors, too. That whole chapter is about being prayerful and prepared, then prosperity (not always in money rewards)and peace and finally gratitude. So a whole lot of wonderful "p's" in that chapter! The whole key is keep the commandments and then it is all in the Lord's hands!


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