Feels like forever ago, yet like yesterday, since I've worn one of these!
I have 18.5 credits left until I have my diploma. A few of those are an internship...buuuut.... seriously... I could be done completely. However, I am required to do an internship...& I cannot do an internship until I have taken HLTH 439...which I am going to take in winter. SO, looks like my internship is going to be next summer in Tennessee...which will be better anyway, because it will be more likely to be a paid internship! I need to start researching companies now! I researched graduation I need to apply for graduation before November 15th in order to walk in April. It's such a simple process...I think I'll walk in April. I haven't decided yet, because Wes will be gone for both dates & I want to try to get him to fly to my graduation! Anyways, this is super exciting! I am going to try to talk to CHS in Cool Springs in doing an internship with their women's health program... it's an internship I've created, so I need to give them a call & sell myself to them! So, now I'm going through & trying to figure out filler classes that I want to take before graduation, because I need filler credits now...or I could just be a 3/4 student! I haven't decided yet! Cross your fingers for me! :) xoxoI'mabigkidnow! p.s. the little brother has been applying to BYU this past week! YAY! Spence can be a coug too!


  1. Hip, Hip, Hooray! for you RACH!!! That is such exciting news huh? Weeeee! Thrilled for you and hope Weston can come see you graduate!

  2. If you're talking about the same CHS, my dad totally works there!! You should talk to him. Community Health Systems?

  3. Just tell me when and "I'll Be There." Exciting to think you will graduate, Rachel! It wouldn't be right if Weston couldn't be there with you, but just in case, we will help you celebrate! xxxooo


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