My name is Rachel and I like to party.

So yesterday was Syd's birthday and I threw her a kind-of surprise party!vthere was a really good turn-out of people! I was really concerned about not enough people showing up. Her class let her out late so we all waited for an hour and half, but everyone was very patient and it was really fun! I had so much fun decorating yesterday! Especially with the beautiful weather! I just opened up the windows turned on the music and just went at it! So I made a cake that was a paint palette! I think it turned out really well! I used the sign that Jessica had made for Syd for her birthday! It was so cute! Everything went so smoothly! Here's some pictures from the night!



(Okay so this post I wrote on 12/31/08, but I never finished. So I thought today being Syd's birthday it'd be appropriate) I don't believe in soulmates, but I believe in soul-friends! Let me tell you a liiiiittle story: This one time there was this girl named Xachel. She comes from a little town where there aren't much of her kind. One day she graduates her school at home and decides she wants to go onto seemingly bigger and better things. She goes to a far away land called Utah. She settles in a little city called Provo. She goes al universidad. It is referred to as BYU. She ends up living in a prison cell called a dorm room and soon meets her fellow inmate she'll be bunking with. This girls name is Kydney. Now Kydney and Xachel hit it off, but just as good aquaintances. As they continue to do more of their time they start hanging out with eachother. This hangout becomes LATE, LATE night pillow talks. These pillow talks turn into exchanges of secrets. Before they knew it Kydney and Xachel were the best of friends. They left that college town and went their separate ways for summer. The following year, due to a series of unfortunate events, these two were not planning on being bunkmates, yet, fate had it's way and gave V2 a juvinile delinquent roomate, so these two girls were once again united. Throughout this year, there were less friends around and these two filled that need for eachother. They were inseparable. Their friendship keeps growing between the nightly spooning, day/nighttime chats, and avoiding boys like: mohawk boy, clammy boy, fred flinstone, Rusty; and by experiencing things like: camp trips from hell, ER visits, horrific boy experiences and more. Who knows where this friendship will go. But for now, today is Kydney's birthday, so hopefully everyone gives her lots of lovin! Syd is: the best thrift store shopper I know the best artist so funny spontaneanous if forced daredevil numb to scary things athletic smart stylish beautiful honest sarcastic spiritual strong-in every way curvy-licious one of the best writers I know poised classy



Golly, I woke up yesterday in the morning with a sore throat. Due to cleaning checks I had gone to bed a little late the previous evening. I thought it'd be one of those 'hey, I'm your throat and I'm sore just because it's the morning time' things...but noooo I still have it... hopefully it's not a keeper because I NEVER get sick! I have the most killer immune system (no pun intended). also. I'm headed to the bounce house this evening for my 3rd time. I'm excited. Hopefully no injuries will be attained during this lovely trip. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. xoxo


Bear Grylls Experience

So this one time we got found by Search & Rescue Read below for the Deets: Robbie calls & says there are people going to hike/camp at the hot springs in Spanish Fork. Syd & I thought it'd be fun. So we go. We get there to find out the road is blocked the rest of the way to the trail head. Everyone bails out, but 5 of us. We decided to go on with it & just hike through the snow to the trail head, too. We hike the 4 miles to the trail head. Exhausted by this point, but just wanting to get to the hot springs. So, running off of one piece of bread each we hike to the hot springs. It was the most horrible thing ever. It was freezing, pitch black & SO steep. We were all so exhausted, but there was no where to set camp, just a narrow path everywhere. So we keep going. Just able to see from the brightness of the snow. After going for forever on this trail, I started freaking out inside. I thought we were going to get frostbite or hypothermia or something, seriously, no dramatics on this one. So we finally were able to smell sulfur. Hallelujah! I told Robbie, who was hiking in front of me, with my voice ready to crack into tears, "OH MY GOODNESS! That's the sweetest smell I've ever smelled!" He laughed, in agreement, I'm sure. We finally reached the hot springs, all of us feeling like we're going to die. We got to the campsite at 2am & we started working on setting up camp & getting a fire started. The fire was NOT working out. I started freaking out thinking we were going to die there because it was so cold. Devin was starting to get a little nervous, but didn't show it. He yelled, "I'm an eagle scout, I am going to do this!" But the boys went into the woods & come back with some huge dead branches with some good little red shrubbery things attached and finally got the fire going. Most incredible feeling of my life. It was 4am at this point, we enjoyed hot dogs that tasted better than any Christmas meal ever prepared & we finally got into the tent at about 5am. FREEZING. Despite exhaustion, I probably slept for 20 minutes. It blizzarded during the night... So we get up in the morning & decide to go into the hot springs, it was so freezing cold and snowing outside, but the hot springs were SO hot, it was amazing and definitely rejuvenating. So we hiked back..the trail back to the trail head didn't take that long, but because of the snowstorm the night before, the canyon road was the hellish part this time. So on the road it was really hard because I swear it was uphill both ways. We were trudging through the fresh snow...it was fantastic. The hike back only took us 3 hrs, though. Right as we had about 100 ft left, seriously, around the bend was the road block where the car was parked. A snowmobile came around the corner w/ these people all in red snowsuits. They pulled up & stopped next to us & say "we found you!" We all just stared....uhhh????... "Are you the 5 BYU students that went to the hot springs last night?" "Yeah?" "Well there's a group of people waiting for you around the corner," My first thought was it my family or something & I was so confused. We were asking, "What are you talking about?" seriously so confused. They told us there was a search party of 50 people coming for us. "Wait, what? ha!" Then they radio some people using lots of code words. Another snowmobile comes & they take Sammi back w/ them, then some more come & we all get rides for the last 5 minute walk of our hike. Oh my gosh. I have never laughed harder, I was so embarrassed, we turned the corner & there were trailers & ambulances & cars lining both sides of the road for SO far down the road. We were still so confused at this point as to how they knew we were there. We didn't even know we were lost. They told us that someone had been expecting us back that morning and got scared (it was 4pm). They took down our names & info for their report offered us any food & drinks & made sure everyone was okay. We got a huge lecture on the weather & not being prepared etc... Oh man, I felt so bad all those volunteer people were about to go looking for us...ooooh man. SO basically we survived, Syd & I just wore our boots we got from target...our feet were frozen and completely bruised on every surface. But all in all we survived & were so happy about it...can't say the same for Momma though! Happy Valentine's Day!
Moral of the story: We took the situation too lightly & didn't think we could actually be the ones on the news, but it was seriously a stupid move. We easily could've froze to death. I feel good to know I am that tough, but I am never doing that again, I CANNOT handle snow...I do like to camp, just no more snowy trips! Whewy! Accomplished: 14 mile hike in below freezing weather by 3 rookie girl & 2 experienced boy BYU students. xoxo


Wintery Weekend

So, this past weekend was so great! To start it off Syd & I went to our stake ice skating party. It was so great. And we both managed to escape unscathed from any bumps or bruises! Believe me, that's a miracle!
Here's some pictures from the night
Top left and right: Syd and I; Middle left: Syd and I; Right: Kurt;
Bottom Left: Robbie and I; Right: Robbie was above the whole iceskates thing;
SO, adventure #2 this weekend. Whitter's cabin. My roomate, Whitney's family has a cabin up in Timber Lakes past Heber. We went up on Saturday and got snowed-in that night so ended up staying the night. It was so great. We started out having nice little word-search races. We did 4 puzzles. Tara and Syd did the best. Whit and I....not so hot. It was so fun, we then went out o the snowmobiles with Whit's dad. Whit & Tara drove one and Syd & I hopped on w/ Whit's dad. We tipped it 2x. He's probably never ridden with such snowmobile invalids...seriously, it was kind of pathetic, but so fun! Syd & I even got to take off on it a little bit by ourselves. What a rush! It was so fun! :D hahah. This video right below is of Syd & I sledding down the hill on an innertube. Whitney is the one loverly commentating. Pay attention to her giggle please, it's the best ever.
I hope you enjoy these pictures!


This is what it looks like today.
This is what I wish it looked like.


Macey's loves us.


So for the Superbowl, Syd and I headed over to Ty's apartment for a little Par-tay. We created a little friendly competition. Syd and I voted for the Steelers against the 7 Cardinals fans. We got the last laugh. Our lovely cupcakes we made! (just pretend that cupcake says XLIII) We're becoming so domestic! The sore losers and the happy winners! The WIIIIIINNERS! The Ty's were a little pouty Some more pictures from the fun-filled football festivities! xoxo
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