My name is Rachel and I like to party.

So yesterday was Syd's birthday and I threw her a kind-of surprise party!vthere was a really good turn-out of people! I was really concerned about not enough people showing up. Her class let her out late so we all waited for an hour and half, but everyone was very patient and it was really fun! I had so much fun decorating yesterday! Especially with the beautiful weather! I just opened up the windows turned on the music and just went at it! So I made a cake that was a paint palette! I think it turned out really well! I used the sign that Jessica had made for Syd for her birthday! It was so cute! Everything went so smoothly! Here's some pictures from the night!


  1. Good Work roommate! Truly devoted.
    kuddos on the streamers & cake too! Very creative :)

  2. & p.s. did i hear tyler make a MITCH comment in that video? Yesterday in class I asked syd why she would even go to class on her birthday. She was so cute & said "I just really wanted to show you this birthday card from Mitch!"
    wow. it's a good thing i went.


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