Wintery Weekend

So, this past weekend was so great! To start it off Syd & I went to our stake ice skating party. It was so great. And we both managed to escape unscathed from any bumps or bruises! Believe me, that's a miracle!
Here's some pictures from the night
Top left and right: Syd and I; Middle left: Syd and I; Right: Kurt;
Bottom Left: Robbie and I; Right: Robbie was above the whole iceskates thing;
SO, adventure #2 this weekend. Whitter's cabin. My roomate, Whitney's family has a cabin up in Timber Lakes past Heber. We went up on Saturday and got snowed-in that night so ended up staying the night. It was so great. We started out having nice little word-search races. We did 4 puzzles. Tara and Syd did the best. Whit and I....not so hot. It was so fun, we then went out o the snowmobiles with Whit's dad. Whit & Tara drove one and Syd & I hopped on w/ Whit's dad. We tipped it 2x. He's probably never ridden with such snowmobile invalids...seriously, it was kind of pathetic, but so fun! Syd & I even got to take off on it a little bit by ourselves. What a rush! It was so fun! :D hahah. This video right below is of Syd & I sledding down the hill on an innertube. Whitney is the one loverly commentating. Pay attention to her giggle please, it's the best ever.
I hope you enjoy these pictures!


  1. hahaha ohh i love you guys! Great movie! Glad you had fun too!

  2. yeah, peed my pants...no joke. that was so FUNNY!! ah, i just love you guys.
    p.s. how do you do the picture collages? yeah, i totally want to learn how to do it, they look super cool!


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