Summery Weather!

I know I have been pretty absent from my blog.
Here are some pictures from March & earlier in the spring.
Ivy LOVES being outside. This child thrives on being outdoors.
Oh this little chubs is just the sweetest.

She loves being able to fit in her rain boots she got for Christmas!
She is full of sunshine!
Toast has never looked so cute on someone's face.

Sobbing because I made her come back inside.
We were being swarmed by wasps.
Those pigtails might be the death of me.
So cute.
She came out of the closet trying on my belt. It caught me off guard. I know I'm biased, but this child amazes me. I don't wear belts, but Weston does & she knew exactly how to put that belt on!
I was sewing and Ivy was digging in my closet. Later when I was cleaning up her organizational efforts I found my shoes under my sewing desk. Sweet baby girl loves making sure everyone has shoes to wear.
She LOVES helping Weston wash the car!
It's a family affair!

Bella is still her favorite.


Valentine's Day in Birmingham

Weston had meetings with a couple grad school directors at University of Birmingham. We thought about a day trip, but decided a weekend getaway would be more fun!
V & I hung out waiting for him in the lounge for the first meeting, but spent the second meeting in the car waiting for Weston, because she was just too busy and the lounge where we were was just too quiet for baby play time!
In the car we waited for Weston in a meeting. The little one was going semi-crazy all cooped up in the car, but her pregnant mommy's back was in too bad of sorts to chase around an active toddler anymore that day, so we hung out in the car & read books & watched youtube videos. Mom of the year award, right here.
Valentine's Day we went to the outlet malls in Birmingham & had so much fun! Ivy loved all the new sites & sounds!
My valentine!
On our way to breakfast at the hotel.
That food was tastey!
We stopped by buy buy baby, because we'd never been... that place is amazing. Seriously, we thought we'd died & went to baby heaven.  Ivy was exhausted & had been going strong all day, the whole time in the store she held these weird little geisha type dolls (she had grabbed two of them) and held them on her shoulder and patted their backs. She cried when I pried them out of her hands at the register to give them back to the cashier. If they weren't such creepy dolls I would have seriously wanted to buy her one, because she was so heartbroken to not be able to snuggle them anymore.

Walking the plant ledges at the outlets.
Making our Valentine's dinner in our little hotel kitchen!
Ivy loved the hotel room & drawing on the notepads!

They gave us a wheelchair accessible room so we could have a bathroom big enough for a pack n play!  It was a huge success, even though the hotel was pretty ghetto, we lucked out being able to hang out at night while Ivy slept in the bathroom (with the broken bathroom door that wouldn't close all the way)!
My mini valentine!
I love that babe!


Feeling Accomplished

My sister and nephew were just in town for a couple weeks and one of those weeks my brother in law also came to town & my hubby was off work. We played and lived it up to the max. It was SO fun.

Meanwhile, the fun was had & I cleaned & did laundry ZERO of that time. Yuck. Well, besides kitchen duty things!

The past few days, I have vacuumed all floors, swept all hard floors, done SIX loads of laundry & put away 3 of them (babies room is a struggle, because she always undoes laundry as I'm working on it and I can't put it away when she's napping...still haven't quite mastered the best time to put all of her laundry away!
I have faced (not paid yet) medical bills & gotten organized that way, which seems like the bigger burden at the moment, especially when there's insurance issues. Yuck, insurance is so not fun to deal with!)

I have organized baby boy's clothes & exchanged clothes that were the wrong size! I am feeling so accomplished!  & beat!
I love being pregnant & the prospect of our little guy coming, but it is hard to stay on top of things with a toddler & the urge to want to keep my living spaces clean!  We live with my parents (Thank you Mom & Dad, it's a life saver!) & so the room Weston & I are in holds half of what our 2 bedroom apartment used to hold, it has been an organizational struggle... & you now will know why there are never EVER pictures of my bedroom on my blog. I work hard to keep it clean & orderly, but it's always a struggle!

Today I got it back to a mostly nice organized state & it feels oh, so good.


Fun In February!

My Aunt Kathy & Uncle Jim were in town for a few days at the beginning of February & so one morning before Weston headed into work we all went to The Loveless Cafe. It's on the outskirts of Nashville in one of my favorite places, Bellevue, TN.
If you ever go to Nashville, you have to stop in at The Loveless.
Anyway, it was there that we descovered our 14 month old was the master of face-in-hole signs!
We also learned she legit can spin a top.

A family trip to BBB to find a pillow for me that will help my very pregnant self sleep.
Turns out it was a fail. It is now proven that I just will have pregnancy insomnia the whole rest of this pregnancy.
I forgot how fun that is!
She is the sunshine of my world. Weston's too. We are majorly obsessed with her.
Nana got little V this glow-worm & she is so in love with her "wormy."
It's a good thing she's pint-sized, because she would be walking out to the mailbox by herself, digging into the closets by herself, escaping rooms I have her and I barricaded into by her self...
This child loves water & will drink any cup she comes across.
Family bike ride in February was a MAJOR success.
The weather was unbeatable and everyone was happy, until we had to pedal uphill to get back home and my pregnant body was crying for a long time after that!
We were waiting for Weston in a meeting that went for 2 hours... at the end of the two hours, I didn't even try to keep her from chewing on this cement/dirt clump.
Oh, just stay little forever, please.
My heart aches at the thought of her tiny self growing up!

We LOVE mornings with Daddy!

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