Feeling Accomplished

My sister and nephew were just in town for a couple weeks and one of those weeks my brother in law also came to town & my hubby was off work. We played and lived it up to the max. It was SO fun.

Meanwhile, the fun was had & I cleaned & did laundry ZERO of that time. Yuck. Well, besides kitchen duty things!

The past few days, I have vacuumed all floors, swept all hard floors, done SIX loads of laundry & put away 3 of them (babies room is a struggle, because she always undoes laundry as I'm working on it and I can't put it away when she's napping...still haven't quite mastered the best time to put all of her laundry away!
I have faced (not paid yet) medical bills & gotten organized that way, which seems like the bigger burden at the moment, especially when there's insurance issues. Yuck, insurance is so not fun to deal with!)

I have organized baby boy's clothes & exchanged clothes that were the wrong size! I am feeling so accomplished!  & beat!
I love being pregnant & the prospect of our little guy coming, but it is hard to stay on top of things with a toddler & the urge to want to keep my living spaces clean!  We live with my parents (Thank you Mom & Dad, it's a life saver!) & so the room Weston & I are in holds half of what our 2 bedroom apartment used to hold, it has been an organizational struggle... & you now will know why there are never EVER pictures of my bedroom on my blog. I work hard to keep it clean & orderly, but it's always a struggle!

Today I got it back to a mostly nice organized state & it feels oh, so good.

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