Valentine's Day in Birmingham

Weston had meetings with a couple grad school directors at University of Birmingham. We thought about a day trip, but decided a weekend getaway would be more fun!
V & I hung out waiting for him in the lounge for the first meeting, but spent the second meeting in the car waiting for Weston, because she was just too busy and the lounge where we were was just too quiet for baby play time!
In the car we waited for Weston in a meeting. The little one was going semi-crazy all cooped up in the car, but her pregnant mommy's back was in too bad of sorts to chase around an active toddler anymore that day, so we hung out in the car & read books & watched youtube videos. Mom of the year award, right here.
Valentine's Day we went to the outlet malls in Birmingham & had so much fun! Ivy loved all the new sites & sounds!
My valentine!
On our way to breakfast at the hotel.
That food was tastey!
We stopped by buy buy baby, because we'd never been... that place is amazing. Seriously, we thought we'd died & went to baby heaven.  Ivy was exhausted & had been going strong all day, the whole time in the store she held these weird little geisha type dolls (she had grabbed two of them) and held them on her shoulder and patted their backs. She cried when I pried them out of her hands at the register to give them back to the cashier. If they weren't such creepy dolls I would have seriously wanted to buy her one, because she was so heartbroken to not be able to snuggle them anymore.

Walking the plant ledges at the outlets.
Making our Valentine's dinner in our little hotel kitchen!
Ivy loved the hotel room & drawing on the notepads!

They gave us a wheelchair accessible room so we could have a bathroom big enough for a pack n play!  It was a huge success, even though the hotel was pretty ghetto, we lucked out being able to hang out at night while Ivy slept in the bathroom (with the broken bathroom door that wouldn't close all the way)!
My mini valentine!
I love that babe!

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