Welp, I totally survived this week! :) It was a good one too! Becky at work told me I always write run-ons(never have been the grammar queen) so I'm practicing writing e-mails, blogs, etc with better grammar/more punctiation. That way when I'm writing e-mails for her at work I'll show her I'm in college! I actually haven't taken my college englishes yet....I'll be in there w/ the freshman next semester or in the summer....what a thrill! HA! K well update on what's been going on.... Last week we went 80's dancing at Area 51...probably the highlight of this year...it was so fun I've got some pictures of that! Then that weekend went dancing a couple other times, it was fantastic! Found out this week I'm related to my boss and his wife...wild! Met some more friends! Did laundry (SUPER EXCITING!) Cleaned my tub! And studying!! I am so happy that I'm keeping up with school too! It's a great feeling! It's depressing though because I'm missing Thursday night futbol and The office to go to a pdbio review from 8-10, then i'm goin to the library till 12 to study for stats w/ diana and kelsi tonight, hopefully get some good studying in there!! It's so great being responsible! Seriously, I feel so accomplished. I ironed out my Liberty Square eviction notification. They left a memo @ our apartment saying I hadn't paid and I needed to come iron it out by Friday or I'd get evicted. I did pay though, so I was super frustrated. Turns out it was just a generic check that I got for free w/ starting my Wells Fargo account and so it didn't have my name on it, was all. I also found out yesterday that since my work is paying for me to go to Nashville Becky and Coach said that they would get my ticket so I go out earlier, and let me stay in Nashville later as well. I'm seriously SO excited, really. Diana's coming w/ me as well! I don't know if I've said that on my blog yet, I hooked Diana up with a job at the work as well starting in January and so she gets to come to Nashville with me too! I'm so excited! They're going to send her out early as well so she can stay at my house and everything! It's so great! I'm so excited to go home at Christmas as well! No more Tokyo for Christmas (thank goodness). I'm so excited to see my family again! I have the most awesome family EVER! Seriously! okey doke welp everyone take care and wish me luck on my midterms :) (let's pray this is my last time taking physiology...hahah...) xoxoxo



Yikes, wild week, but good. I started my field study this week. I went to Provo High School and volunteered in the Severe Disabilities class. I made a friend. She was growlin at me when I first got there. I was scared she just might bite, but I just kept smiling at her. Then she announced that she wanted to go play basketball and the teachers asked her who she wanted to go with and she pointed at me! :) I was nervous because she was bigger than me and I was just prayin I'd be able to handle it. We went outside and brought paper and crayons with us and she colored and we just sat and talked. Her name is Becca, she's black and she lives in provo. She was the bomb, seriously! I ended up doin her hair! It was really fun, but really cold. We sat out in the basketball court and lots of people walked by and even between classes we just walked people walk around us shuffling to their classes. It was so great. I got to hear all her comments and the conversation was good. We ended up going inside, because it started raining, but it was fun. Sunday night I was so nervous, to the point I couldn't sleep, to go to the class room Monday morning. I was going in at 8 until work at 11 and I was just stressed about school and getting everything done inlcluding h/w, work, class and fhe. Though I went to the room. There were two other girls there volunteering for their class and I could tell they were uncomfortable, one of them was talking to the kids with a baby voice... ugh, I told myself I was going to avoid doing that all costs. It wasn't bad or anything but it just stuck out to me and sort of rubbed me the wrong way so I told myself I wasn't going to do that. Well I left there and went to work running from phs to cscaa to campus and then back to my apartment that night, and it was seriously a blessing, I was able to do it all and stay relatively calm! Tuesdays, on the other hand, :) are a whole nother story, no work but on campus from 9-6 and then I have a flag football game right after class at 6 and a soccer game right after that. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed....and hungry...I only packed granola bars this morning. I was really tired and wasn't thinking...really smart, I know :) BUT all I have to do is survive Tuesdays, nothing more. Just stay afloat, the rest of the week is more low key. I do have 2 midterms this weekend though....sort of stressed about those! Welp, sorry all my posts are about school, it kind of controls my thoughts right now, but I promise when I get a chance soon I'll be posting one w/ pictures and stories from the social side :) some pretty fun ones! xoxo



Umm okay, so most overwhelming week ever! I had late nights over the weekend and then this week I've been up doing homework. I had a very overwhelmed day yesterday. Stats is off of my wavelength, buuuut I worked on it and hopefully improved it :) So I've been looking into my major more. This semester I have to volunteer 20 hours to apply to the SpEd program and other things. I can only apply to the program in January and its only 4 semesters long, so I apply in January start next fall, then I will be going to school Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer, and another Fall and then I graduate that December....That's so soon....a little too wild for my liking....I don't know how I feel now that I have the end in sight... I went and talked to my counselor today, I have 19 hrs of GE's left to take. If I take a good 15 hr semester coming up and then go to school for summer term I could get that done and then even in the program I have room for a few more elective credits. I could not go to school summer term and then just finish my GE's then, but I am thinking about doing the TESOL minor, which is teaching english as a second language. This would be good to have because a lot of districts are now making their teachers get this endorsement to even have a job. So, it would be really good to have as a minor so that it will be better for finding a job. So I could take some of those courses summer term and then in my GE spots throughout the rest of my semesters. I'm kind of overwhelmed right now, because it's depressing knowing I only have about 5 semesters left total....that's just a little more than I've already done now. Whew that's a lot to learn in one day. My favorite class right now is living prophets. It's so incredible! I definately recommend it to anyone as a religion elective, or just to take! So great! K well I've got a pdbio quiz to study up for and some President Monson talk reading to do and a little stat h/w and lovely humanities too.... xoxo



Well, Tuesday is my day off from work, but holy guacamole I have a ton of stuff to do, I have 5 classes, but 6 class hours that day and I'm on campus from 9am till 6pm with only two 1 hr breaks! atleast one is in the morning and one is in the afternoon! But I feel like I'm living on campus. Today I had quite the heavy backpack though, it was a little much, I might look into getting a locker on campus or somethin and keeping the books I need only for class in the locker, because it was a bit ridiculous today. I also brought my laptop having to print off a paper, but long story short that didn't work out, so basically I lugged my 30 lb laptop around all day too :) It really was a great day though! I returned the 2 books I'm not using for my courses(today was the last day) and got the money back for those, I took some good Physiology notes, wrote a couple good papers, read a couple good books :) I'm reading the Illiad now for the 3rd time in my educational history. I ran into Lucas one of the Brazillians at Thursday night soccer, he just got engaged! That's super exciting and he also asked me to join his soccer team in the Brazillian soccer tournament comin up the last two Saturday's in September I think it is. So I'm super excited!! I felt so honored that he asked me!! Well I've got some reading to do tomorrow, then hit the gym time! :) xoxo p.s. I've seriously been blessed because my knees have been okay, even w/ all the bikeriding I've been doing lately, its a serious miracle!


CES Fireside

Had the best CES Fireside I've ever heard/seen in my life, here's a link to it, if you have time, watch it all, if not please watch as much as you can. Elder Holland is seriously inspired. Click HERE to watch the recording of it! xoxo


So, school's started and that means 3 things: football season, piles of homework and intramurals! The intramurals are one of my favorite things about BYU!! I did soccer both semester's last year, fall semester is just individual men and women and then winter is coed which is really fun too! Both of my teams did really well last year! I signed up for soccer again this semester with a mixture of girls from my coed team and my girl team last fall, I have no idea how we're going to do just because we have some that haven't ever played before.... it'll still be fun though! We did sign ourselves up for the higher division again though! haha should be fun!! We're called the slim shady's, I had to convince claire to not name us the baconators...glad that worked out! This semester I also signed up for flag football with my friends. I'm really nervous about it because none of us know what we're doing! The rules are totally different from football, and i think i got dubbed quarter back, our first game is tuesday as well :) I was so lucky that none of my games interfere with class, other games, or thursday night soccer! I'm really excited for this season! Here's my game schedules! Soccer: 9/10 Wed 9:15 pm IPF North Field 9/23 Tue 7:15 pm IPF North Field 10/1 Wed 9:15 pm IPF North Field 10/14 Tue 7:15 pm IPF North Field 10/22 Wed 9:15 pm IPF North Field Flag Football: 9/11 @ 6:15 9/23 @ 6:15 9/30 @ 9:15 10/8 @ 8:15 10/16 @ 7:15 If anyone's in Provo and wants to come cheer us on, feel free! :) xoxo p.s. BYU played University of Washington at Washington yesterday 28-27, the end was incredible, I did feel bad for Washington though! GO COUGS!


Thursday night FUTBOL!!

Well, Thursday night soccer has been one of my favorite things this past summer. Kelsi and Dayvisson invited me to join them one week and I got super excited, they play inside a church gym on the basketball court, everyone just wears indoor shoes. It's a married ward there, so there's no one to impress, so it makes it straight soccer and no other games goin on meanwhile :). It's so great, I've really loved playing with them! They started it as their stake soccer nights, but only the men went, Kelsi and Dayvisson's friend, Edson, invited them to start goin, and then I went along with them. It's so great, the people that play are good at sharing the ball and its competetive enough to get a good game going, but not enough where you're scared to make mistakes. I also love it because so many ethnicities come to play, I'm a minority there. There are a few Brazillians, and some Mexicans, an oriental kid and a guy from Switzerland and a few others that I'm not quite sure where he's from. The local spanish speaking missionaries brought a bunch of nonmembers to come play! It was so great, the white guys that play also either went on spanish or portuguese speaking missions as well, so on the court there are all sorts of languages bein thrown around, I love it!! I've kept goin too even since school's started, its one of the highlights of my week! xoxo


Fall so Far

Last week we threw a surprise birthday party for whit, Diana and I went and knocked on every door in the apartment buildings around us in my complex, it was so great! So many people showed up! I'd definately say it was successful, we got to meet a lot of fun new people too! Me and Syd @ Whit's Party
I also got to see Jason Sandvik before he went into the MTC, it was really great to see him, because it's been a few months. Yet, it was sad sayin bye too, because that was he is one of my few guy friends left, the only ones left to go are Naaki and Kane! Jason and I awkardly posing w/o touching! hahah so unnatural!
So Naaki came in town this past weekend and it was SO great! I was so happy to see him, he goes into the MTC September 10th, goin to Vegas. I have some cousins there! I'm so excited for him! He went to the game with us on one of Kane's tickets. I felt bad for Naaki though because he was feelin kinda down because he has never been in the stands before, but he was fun and still cheered and was so excited to see Kane on the field! It was hard for him because he's not on the roster right now because of his mission, but in 2 years him and Jason will be back and playin, so I can't wait for that! After the game Jenna and I headed over to Wendy's then met up with Diana, Naaki and Kane and we headed over the park and hung out for a while, it was so great!! I loved seeing Naaki and Kane again! Especially with Kane bein so busy and Naaki back in Tx. We talked for hours and it was so great. We dropped jenna off and went to McDonald's so Kane could get some food, he got his standard 5 Cheeseburger, but his stomach's shrunk since last year :D hahahah he was full after 2....yet he kept goin, I'm just glad he didn't ralph on the way home!Then we had to take Naaki to the airport @ 3 to catch his 5am flight home! It was sad sayin bye, but I couldn't've asked for a better weekend!
Kane and I outside of Wendy's!
D takin a little nap on my lap @ the park! Naaki and Kane playin on the jungle gym!
Me and Jenners @ the park!
At church on Sunday it was kind of weird, because none of our guy friends were there. It was kind of depressing and I was thinkin, these guys are really great, but they're all older. Dating's fun, but they're kind of on a whole other level of dating, as in to get married... That's definately not what I'm goin for right now. I then decided yesterday that this semester, if not whole year is a work on myself year. I'll enjoy the social scene, but I really want to do well in school and every aspect of my social life. Carla and I came up w/ a mission statement, get smart, get fit, get spiritual :D I'm goin to work on myself and get myself to my best, then I can start thinkin about the whole marriage thing. Woah sorry to lay all that on, that's just what's been goin on w/ me! :D I was thinkin how great it would be to work my butt off in school and maybe get a scholarship....I can't even imagine that, it'd be so great! xoxo


So it's football season again! It's definately the best part of the year :D. Saturday was our first game of the season! It was vs. Northern Iowa, we won 41-27. We dominated them first half and they started fightin back second half, but we still came away with a couple more touchdowns! The best part of the game on Saturday was that Kane started! We were so excited for him!! We cheered extra loud and we'd get everyone to cheer together, hoping he'd hear us! He did so well, he switched positions this summer from tight end to full back, and he did so well! It was his first college football game he played in and he started! So great!
That's Kane below, # 80, third from the left!
Jenna, Me, Naaki and Diana. This is Naaki's first time ever in the stands for a football game, it was a little weird for him, but he was a good sport!
I ran into Jake Mclaws, one of my friends from last year on my intramural soccer team!
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