Umm okay, so most overwhelming week ever! I had late nights over the weekend and then this week I've been up doing homework. I had a very overwhelmed day yesterday. Stats is off of my wavelength, buuuut I worked on it and hopefully improved it :) So I've been looking into my major more. This semester I have to volunteer 20 hours to apply to the SpEd program and other things. I can only apply to the program in January and its only 4 semesters long, so I apply in January start next fall, then I will be going to school Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer, and another Fall and then I graduate that December....That's so soon....a little too wild for my liking....I don't know how I feel now that I have the end in sight... I went and talked to my counselor today, I have 19 hrs of GE's left to take. If I take a good 15 hr semester coming up and then go to school for summer term I could get that done and then even in the program I have room for a few more elective credits. I could not go to school summer term and then just finish my GE's then, but I am thinking about doing the TESOL minor, which is teaching english as a second language. This would be good to have because a lot of districts are now making their teachers get this endorsement to even have a job. So, it would be really good to have as a minor so that it will be better for finding a job. So I could take some of those courses summer term and then in my GE spots throughout the rest of my semesters. I'm kind of overwhelmed right now, because it's depressing knowing I only have about 5 semesters left total....that's just a little more than I've already done now. Whew that's a lot to learn in one day. My favorite class right now is living prophets. It's so incredible! I definately recommend it to anyone as a religion elective, or just to take! So great! K well I've got a pdbio quiz to study up for and some President Monson talk reading to do and a little stat h/w and lovely humanities too.... xoxo


  1. can we just eat ice cream and veg together PLEASE! I just want to sulk about how I have to grow up.....cookies and cream?!

  2. Oh man lady! Stressin! Your religion class sounds amazing, though. Love you rachie!


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