Thursday night FUTBOL!!

Well, Thursday night soccer has been one of my favorite things this past summer. Kelsi and Dayvisson invited me to join them one week and I got super excited, they play inside a church gym on the basketball court, everyone just wears indoor shoes. It's a married ward there, so there's no one to impress, so it makes it straight soccer and no other games goin on meanwhile :). It's so great, I've really loved playing with them! They started it as their stake soccer nights, but only the men went, Kelsi and Dayvisson's friend, Edson, invited them to start goin, and then I went along with them. It's so great, the people that play are good at sharing the ball and its competetive enough to get a good game going, but not enough where you're scared to make mistakes. I also love it because so many ethnicities come to play, I'm a minority there. There are a few Brazillians, and some Mexicans, an oriental kid and a guy from Switzerland and a few others that I'm not quite sure where he's from. The local spanish speaking missionaries brought a bunch of nonmembers to come play! It was so great, the white guys that play also either went on spanish or portuguese speaking missions as well, so on the court there are all sorts of languages bein thrown around, I love it!! I've kept goin too even since school's started, its one of the highlights of my week! xoxo

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