Well, Tuesday is my day off from work, but holy guacamole I have a ton of stuff to do, I have 5 classes, but 6 class hours that day and I'm on campus from 9am till 6pm with only two 1 hr breaks! atleast one is in the morning and one is in the afternoon! But I feel like I'm living on campus. Today I had quite the heavy backpack though, it was a little much, I might look into getting a locker on campus or somethin and keeping the books I need only for class in the locker, because it was a bit ridiculous today. I also brought my laptop having to print off a paper, but long story short that didn't work out, so basically I lugged my 30 lb laptop around all day too :) It really was a great day though! I returned the 2 books I'm not using for my courses(today was the last day) and got the money back for those, I took some good Physiology notes, wrote a couple good papers, read a couple good books :) I'm reading the Illiad now for the 3rd time in my educational history. I ran into Lucas one of the Brazillians at Thursday night soccer, he just got engaged! That's super exciting and he also asked me to join his soccer team in the Brazillian soccer tournament comin up the last two Saturday's in September I think it is. So I'm super excited!! I felt so honored that he asked me!! Well I've got some reading to do tomorrow, then hit the gym time! :) xoxo p.s. I've seriously been blessed because my knees have been okay, even w/ all the bikeriding I've been doing lately, its a serious miracle!


  1. are you in HUM 201? I am with Diane Cales... study buddy for the Illiad?

  2. ok weird! i just saw that you were in the class right before me and I was thinking about going to that class tomorrow... weird.


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