So, school's started and that means 3 things: football season, piles of homework and intramurals! The intramurals are one of my favorite things about BYU!! I did soccer both semester's last year, fall semester is just individual men and women and then winter is coed which is really fun too! Both of my teams did really well last year! I signed up for soccer again this semester with a mixture of girls from my coed team and my girl team last fall, I have no idea how we're going to do just because we have some that haven't ever played before.... it'll still be fun though! We did sign ourselves up for the higher division again though! haha should be fun!! We're called the slim shady's, I had to convince claire to not name us the baconators...glad that worked out! This semester I also signed up for flag football with my friends. I'm really nervous about it because none of us know what we're doing! The rules are totally different from football, and i think i got dubbed quarter back, our first game is tuesday as well :) I was so lucky that none of my games interfere with class, other games, or thursday night soccer! I'm really excited for this season! Here's my game schedules! Soccer: 9/10 Wed 9:15 pm IPF North Field 9/23 Tue 7:15 pm IPF North Field 10/1 Wed 9:15 pm IPF North Field 10/14 Tue 7:15 pm IPF North Field 10/22 Wed 9:15 pm IPF North Field Flag Football: 9/11 @ 6:15 9/23 @ 6:15 9/30 @ 9:15 10/8 @ 8:15 10/16 @ 7:15 If anyone's in Provo and wants to come cheer us on, feel free! :) xoxo p.s. BYU played University of Washington at Washington yesterday 28-27, the end was incredible, I did feel bad for Washington though! GO COUGS!


  1. Ha ha ha claire! Baconators! That is so predictable of her and funny. Okay bye.

  2. maybe if we were the baconators, we wouldn't have LOST.


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