Welp, I totally survived this week! :) It was a good one too! Becky at work told me I always write run-ons(never have been the grammar queen) so I'm practicing writing e-mails, blogs, etc with better grammar/more punctiation. That way when I'm writing e-mails for her at work I'll show her I'm in college! I actually haven't taken my college englishes yet....I'll be in there w/ the freshman next semester or in the summer....what a thrill! HA! K well update on what's been going on.... Last week we went 80's dancing at Area 51...probably the highlight of this year...it was so fun I've got some pictures of that! Then that weekend went dancing a couple other times, it was fantastic! Found out this week I'm related to my boss and his wife...wild! Met some more friends! Did laundry (SUPER EXCITING!) Cleaned my tub! And studying!! I am so happy that I'm keeping up with school too! It's a great feeling! It's depressing though because I'm missing Thursday night futbol and The office to go to a pdbio review from 8-10, then i'm goin to the library till 12 to study for stats w/ diana and kelsi tonight, hopefully get some good studying in there!! It's so great being responsible! Seriously, I feel so accomplished. I ironed out my Liberty Square eviction notification. They left a memo @ our apartment saying I hadn't paid and I needed to come iron it out by Friday or I'd get evicted. I did pay though, so I was super frustrated. Turns out it was just a generic check that I got for free w/ starting my Wells Fargo account and so it didn't have my name on it, was all. I also found out yesterday that since my work is paying for me to go to Nashville Becky and Coach said that they would get my ticket so I go out earlier, and let me stay in Nashville later as well. I'm seriously SO excited, really. Diana's coming w/ me as well! I don't know if I've said that on my blog yet, I hooked Diana up with a job at the work as well starting in January and so she gets to come to Nashville with me too! I'm so excited! They're going to send her out early as well so she can stay at my house and everything! It's so great! I'm so excited to go home at Christmas as well! No more Tokyo for Christmas (thank goodness). I'm so excited to see my family again! I have the most awesome family EVER! Seriously! okey doke welp everyone take care and wish me luck on my midterms :) (let's pray this is my last time taking physiology...hahah...) xoxoxo

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