Flyin' High

So this past weekend was really nice. I took two midterms, it was very stressful, they both opened and closed the same days...and definately my 2 hardest classes: Stats and Physiology. Did okay on stats, and was SUPER pleased w/ my Physiology midterm. It's always nice to get the first of the semester out of the way so you know how the professor designs their exams :) it was good though! We also shifted everything around in our apt! We're using our space better! I've made more friends and I saw Eagle Eye this weekend. It was a boy movie, I thought it was okay, definately well thought out, just a little too much for me! :) K well enjoy xoxoxo 80's Dancing: Jenna, Emily, Me and Syd Kris came down and we got to get her into a football game BYU vs. UCLA: Definite shut-out 59-0... Diana, Jenna, Steve, Me and Syd @ Rock the Block Diana and I from the top of the Y we decided to hike one night :) We crab-walked down the Y; We wanted to get from the tip top of the Y down to the bottom, and it was too steep to walk or crawl down, so we just had to crab-walk. Pretty sure this Explains everyone perfectly Jes: Comes off calm, but really, she's wild Carla: always nuts Me: sorta clueless Syd: Hotty V2 Girls: Carla, Whit, Syd, Tara, Jessica, Me xoxo


  1. cute pictures. and super job on all the good grades! seriously girl, way to go! V2 is where its at. p.s. we forgot to take a pic at the canc...guess we'll have to go again, yeah?!

  2. CUTE!! you're such a BABE roo! love the pictures and update!

  3. Lookin good sista hood. Love it! Congrats on the midterms!!


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