Happy Hallerween!

Our ward party got broken up by the cops! hahah it got a liiiiiitle too wild for them! Whit (we dressed her in all our cheetah), Jes (Elmo), Carla (Hippie), Syd (a cat girl) Syd got the stuff to attach this latex mask and used all this intense movie makeup stuff for her nose/lip pouches hahah SO INCREDIBLE! Dennis and I (Momma and Dad would be so proud of me following in their hillbilly footsteps!) "Hey, you look like my first girlfriend!" (Robby's from Alabama) Syd struggled a little eating her chili hah Whit, Me and Carla

1 comment:

  1. AHAHAH I loved that your party got broken up by cops! Dennis looks a little overwhelmed in that picture... hahah!
    Oh man, yall look great!


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