Rainy Days and Mondays...

are the BOMB!
Well definitely starting the week of FANTASTICALLY!
General Conference was so incredible this weekend. I wish I would've paid as much attention to the talks and messages in General Conference when I was younger as I do now. I've done pretty good watching all four sessions for the past 3 gc's since being @ school. They're so incredible! It rained on Saturday though and brought in some freakin cold weather! I do not like cold weather. It definitely snowed in the mountains too! Saturday's sessions Kristin, Tara, Syd, Whit, Jessica and I watched it @ our apt. Syd and I watched the afternoon session together while she cooked our apt the best dinner EVER! It was so fun! After dinner, Kristin, Chloe, Diana and I went to Rock Canyon park to play mud football w/ some guys they Kris and Chloe know from home...it was a bust, because the guys had to leave early for priesthood session that night. I then went home and showered and we went with some friends to the Malt Shoppe later and then we went back to our apt and watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was fun, a really long movie though. Then sunday conference Shae, Andrew, John, and Graden came to our apartment, but by this point, Carla, Tara and Jessica were all in SLC watching conference w/ different groups of people, Syd was @ her sister's house in Salem, and Whit left in the middle to go with Maeg to their grandparent's in Logan. SO long story short I watched it w/ the guys, it was fun, but I've been sick this past week. Just congested, nothin big, but John went to his apt and came back and made me some "Mexican herbal tea". He claims it cures anything haahah, so I drank it, I couldn't taste a thing, so it wasn't bad! hahah He also slipped a Ricola in there to help out that way! haha Between sessions I got myself put together, went over to Dani's condo for a bit, then I went to the guys' apt to watch the afternoon sesh, rather than by myself. Sunday afternoon had some great talks in it as well! All in all it was a nice rejuvinating weekend!
The conference talks, including the priesthood session, will be posted on www.lds.org starting Thursday, anyone can access them then! xoxo

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