So, it's been a pretty good weekend here @ Virginia 2. It's been a kind of 'lay low' weekend. We've done stuff, and gotten stuff done, but it's also been a catch up on rest! I'm so happy for my family because they finally got to move in this weekend to the house they've been working hard on for 3+ years. So Thursday night a stray cat was brought home. It was really cute. It was definitely interesting though. We got to enjoy it, but it left at a good time. Syd and I tried building a cage for it Friday night to keep it from damaging our apartment. Didn't work, but it did keep control of Syd! Jes on our little late night Macey's trip. It was really cold and had just recently had the first snow of the season! Yup, folks it did snow late last night! Syd, Jes, Diana and I during the little flurry storm! BRRR! Syd and I hit up a blacklight danceparty; it was pretty sweet. The homecoming game was really great vs. UNM, we won 31-3, we're still ranked #8 in the Nation, pretty good. Pray we do well vs. TCU on Thursday...it's a liiiiiitle nerve racking! Hopefully we will. It's a toss up because they're a good team and its on their turf (no pun intended :D). It's also an out of conference game, which is a little unnerving! Everyone watch and cheer, go cougs!
There's Kane! Above is Syd and I @ the game and Kane got to play a lot this game as well! The picture of the endzone above is right after we scored and there's Kane in the endzone! :D I'm so proud! xoxo


  1. cute pics, but i have to correct your stats. We won 21-3 and we're ranked 9... but it's ok, i like your statistics more.

  2. I LOVED These pics... oh I miss you guys! SO happy I found this blog. SO HAPPY!


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