No me gusta....SPIDERS!

So one of my biggest fears has always been spiders.... And then I took a job working in the mountains this summer....genius, I know! Diana and I got blessed with the loveshack :D! The hell hole, that luckily had electricity, but no a/c or heating (I know, you would think, who needs the heat in summer, anyone living in Provo Canyon @ night! Oops, sorry for that tangent.) and it was a spider pit...that we loved! It was sad saying bye to the loveshack, but not to those horrible spiders. Our dear friend Tyler, one of the maintenance guys, was kind enough to bring us a big can of Raid! After retreiving a ladder from one of the bays, Kelsi sprayed all 50 of the spider nests. The can was empty within 10 minutes. Though we couldn't do anything about the hundreds of spiders in our walls, we killed those trillion before they were born! SO, back to the reason I wrote this blog, lately there has been a recurring spiderweb where I park my bike and I have prayed I wouldn't run into the critter that built it. Yet, Monday night after FHE I was venturing over to Dani's condo and as I was grabbing my bike I saw the monster and tried to blow it off of my bike handlebars. Looking ridiculous and to no avail, I grabbed a rock and began hammering at my handlebars and shaking the hiding spider out of the gear switch! Hahahah I got the nasty thing... I'm actually being dramatic it's probably the size of a little freckle! BUT I GOT IT!

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