SO not ready.

So I looked up that the high was in the 50's for the day..umm so I wore a sweater in my brain having it be in the 50's. I am TOTALLY going to freeze today! YIKES! hahah oh man, so not prepared for winter. I ended up tossing my big marshmallow coat at the end of last year because it didn't work. Bought it in TN for $20...it was on sale because no one uses those there....and apparently they don't know how to make them for REALLY cold weather either. Anyway, so today took me by complete surprise and I'm having a little anxiety because I don't have any boots or a warm winter coat! AH! hahaha Layering WILL be happening this winter!


To Read.

I've got a pretty long Want-To-Read list, some of the books on this list: Reread Tuesdays w/ Morrie Have a Little Faith: A True Story The Last Lecture Catching Fire The Time Traveler's Wife The 5 Love Languages Syd's "How do you know you're in love" book The "understanding the way boy's brains work" book Ok, so I didn't know the title of the last 2, but that's not what's important. So that's my list, and in no certain order. But I will have all these read one day. Notice any reoccurring themes?... xoxoFromUT

Living on the Lord's Side of the Line

I love this quote from Sheri Dew's talk:

"No doubt most of us here believe the Lord can do these things. But do we believe that He will? That He will heal our broken hearts and help us bear our burdens? The Lord has said that if we only "desire to believe," we should let this desire work in us and experiment upon His Words."

"Choose carefully who you listen to, and then listen. Choose carefully who you follow, and then follow...if we don't listen to the prophet, we might as well not have one"

xoxo from UT


I am SO dry, I'm shriveling up like a raisin, folks. Utah has gotten drastically dryer the past few days and I can feel it. my mind and body are SO connected sometimes. and SO not at other times. But, my bones ache when it's about to rain (or in utah, snow) As soon as the humidity level changes so does my body. It's so strange, maybe it's more that my body is SO connected to the weather? ha Who knows, all I know is that my lotion is going to be going a lot faster and me and Burt are going to be getting a LOT closer.
xoxo from UT


Spencer comes into town on Thursday. I cannot wait!
Mitch gets home in 1 month minus 1 day. I cannot wait! However, I am going to have to wait and I'll enjoy all the school work and fun in between. xoxo


Fabulous Weekend

This was a pretty fabulous weekend. Friday night we kicked and owned the block. Then after party @ the loft till 2am. 5 hrs of dancing. I just about buckled over the last 15 minutes.
Saturday Jenna's 21 yr old birthday bash. It was so fun and she has a lot of friends!
Sunday Meg Duffy's farewell in Sandy. It was so great. Sister Megan Duffy Colorado Denver North Mission. Reports to MTC Oct. 21. I want one. But only if it comes with a little sombrero. And then my other baby to leave me on Oct. 28. heading to Milan, Italy. Sister Anna Thurston xoxo



No, but seriously, thank goodness it's Friday.
Whenever I hear TGIF, I can't help but think of the old ABC's TGIF. That was the highlight of my weekend as a kid. Not even kidding. Danielle, Kayla and I would get to lay on my parents GIGANTIC water bed and watch TV on the box tv in their room. We thought it was the greatest thing. The lineup included:
Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Step by Step, and Boy Meets World.
I always remember that after boy meets world ended, we'd have to turn off the tv bc that's when 20/20 came on and only grown-ups watch that show.
Boy Meets world was my favorite show for a long time after they even stopped recording them. Dani and I had over the years, I'm pretty sure, recorded every single episode on a vhs tape. We watched them over and over, even through high school.
It's one of those few shows that was clean and stayed that way through the entire show-life. The only scandelous part was that Eric and Jack lived with Rachel, the hot redhead, in college. Even then, nothing ever happened or was even referred to.
Basically TGIF in the 90's was the best :)


Thoughts Thoughts Texting Thoughts

I'm sitting in Epi right now. Yeah, blogging. This class is the driest scienciest stats class I have ever been and will ever be in, in my life. Hence, the blogging. This class a requirement for my major, but the professor is SO low key...which is fabulous. The homework assignments are near impossible, and lectures are so b o r i n g it nearly brings tears to my eyes...sometimes the Wednesday night classes from 5-7:30 feels like 27 hrs instead of 3. However, he is letting our midterm be a take home test. MONEY!!! for this I could kiss anyone around me. I've been laughing bc I hold my phone on my lap in this class and text everyone down to the neighbor's dog to have conversations with. I try to stay under the radar, typing under my desk. Then I looked around the room, the guy on the front row a few seats away from me just puts his elbow on his desk and flat out texts. The married guy in front of me texts, probably what are a thousand sweet nothings, to his wifey. I'm stealing my cousin Ashley's idea for blogging the day's high/low. Sydney and I used to talk to eachother and say what was the best and worst part of our day. It makes you think, if you had a really 'bad day' (kinda like my 'i'm mad at the world' monday), what the one thing is legitimate enough to whine about. And then we'd say one thing that we like most about our bodies, to reassure ourselves we are blessed. I liked it when we did that. Then we had a segment of time where we did apt prayer and we would gather everyone together who was home before the majority went to bed and we'd all kneel together and everyone would go around and say one good thing about their day, no complaining allowed. And then we'd pray. That was the only 100% assured unity time in the apt, bc everyone was happy for everyone's happiness. (Plus we always found out interesting secret little exciting things in eachother's lives that we might not have known about otherwise. Those were great moments.) p.s. I really love being a girl. It's so much more exciting...and miserable at times, but that makes the really happy times even more so. I'll leave my high/low later bc we're having a waffle party and movie night with ty and chad, and I'm hoping that exceeds the highs I have had while at work and class all day :) well. Enough blogging for RIIIIIGHT now. see ya soon. xoxo oh and funny thing of the day. My hometeacher texted me in Enviro HLTH today and asked me to putt putt on friday. I have plans, so I told him about how I'm really good, but that I can't. He said something along the lines of, "oops, i'm embarrassed, wrong rachel." My thoughts to that...uh I just turned you down, you definitely could have played it off and I would have never known. But I laughed really hard because the situation is so weird. But I survived the textual awkwardness and lived to tell the tale. The conversation ended on the note that we, too, will one day go putt putting.... Weird and wild stuff, folks.



Sweet Memories

When I was a kid I lived outside. When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark...& I still am. When I was a kid I loved scary movies (such as Jurassic Park). When I was a kid I loved coloring. When I was a kid I ran around in my swimsuit with NO inhibitions (I wasn't any skinnier then). When I was a kid I always got in trouble for talking in class. When I was a kid I kissed boys on the playground. When I was a kid I loved going to Grandmother & Grandaddy's place and swimming. When I wa a kid I took pride in knowing crayon color names. When I was a kid I loved playing in the sprinklers. When I was a kid I loved getting cards from Grandmother because she always signed them
'xoxo' & sometimes there would even be extra x's & o's. I never understood what it meant but she told me it meant kisses and hugs. It still didn't make sense to me, but I loved that she would send me
hugs & kisses
even when we didn't live close. I am a sentimental person. And that's why xoxo is so special to me :)
My day is going fabulously & I hope yours does, too.


Sadly, I think this guy stole a move or two from me...

Is it Friday yet?

It's monday at 3pm. This is the longest day of my life. I went to bed at 11 last night, because I was exhausted. Plan: Wake up @ 6, shower, get ready peacefully. Reality: Woke up at 7, put on makeup, picked out an outfit that again is pleh bc i can't wear jeans to work, threw greasy-yesterday-curled hair into a low pony, got dressed, brushed my teeth, packed my backpack and walked out the door at 7:30 just in time to meet the bus @ the bus-stop. I look very homely today between the greasiness, the glasses & the lovely (still) red eyeball. Work was good. BOM class was good. Midterm starts Wed. I skipped my enviro hlth class in order to meet with my English professor to review my 2 papers that are due tomorrow. He's not in his office. So, now I'm blogging while the list 20 minutes of my enviro class are going on &just doin some outside homework while waiting for class @ 4 to meet with the girls on my debate team for hlth promo. I'm seriously loving life right now. that's a lie. What I really want to do is bathe, eat & crawl into bed for a day or two. But, that's just how i'm feeling right now. I won't be able to do any of those things till late tonight. I'd say its the perfect beginning to the most perfectly busy week.



I get urges and impulses...I generally act on them. The regret rate is half and half. I really want to cut my hair to my shoulders, it's super nappy & could use the healthiness, plus it's been so long for so long. I know I'll want it long again if I cut it, but what are everyone's thoughts on me cutting it?

What it feels like to fall 12 spots.

I can tell you all about it! First home game of the season was quite the morale buster. We were bumped in the AP polls from 7-19...hmm (not as bad as Utah though...who is no longer ranked HA!) We got demolished by FSU last night in our very own stadium. Wow, talk about a bust to the pride...final score 54-28. What a shame. Well regardless to us getting spanked, the game was really fun!
Here's some pictures We were so happy when the sun finally went down Syd, myself, Sara and Dani. Best secret spots ever! Ha! Steven got kicked out of the student section...why? RFL! We went & indulged at the Training Table (The last time I was there was October 23, 2007 the night before Mitch entered the MTC... He returns in 5 weeks and 2 days...)



Work is superdy duperdy freakin cold right now! aaaand my Football Team: The X Factor is playing tonight @ 6:15(and by that I mean 7:15)! COME! aaaand my Soccer Team: The Baconators is playing tonight @ 9:15! COME!


Happy Birthday Grandmother!

She's 25 & such a babe.
I am not very good with words, but Dani has an absolute gift for it.
Happy Birthday Grandmother!


So, I'm a pretty smiley person. I'm a fan of it. This summer I worked at a job where in the training crazy Wendy said that you must always answer the phone smiling, because you can hear a smile over the phone. I thought it was funny that we had to be told to smile. I haven't had a problem with smiling at work in the past. But then I started working there & understood why we needed to be told to smile. I was about to pull out my hair in the phone room because the phones have been ringing off the hook and talking on the phone to a million people for 4 hrs straight takes a toll on you. However, even with the stress of the phone calls, I realized this morning that I was smiling while I was talking to the people. Not because I had to, or because I was trained to do so, but because I love where I work, I love who I work with, I love my job, & I love to help these people ( & the paycheck :D).


Another Great Win!

We played Tulane on Saturday & beat them 54-3. That's amazing. No. 7 BYU plays FSU This Saturday @ 5pm MST. Restore '84!!

I'm Alive

I haven't put anything exciting up in a few days.... I apologize to ALL 3 of my readers :)
Well, school has been fabulous. I love all my major classes & somehow I've kept on top of all of my work, it's amazing. I've felt really overwhelmed & worked on homework all last weekend, but I feel so accomplished!
Don't worry though, I've had lots of fun too! Friday night Sydney & I watched a movie, wrote letters, did homework & then just went to sleep. Then Saturday I ran, watched the football game, did homework then spent a good 1.5 hrs @ the lib tryin to get Syd's Sacrament Meeting program to print. We laughed pretty hard. Good thing we were in the No Shhh zone.
We terrorized the freshman in the dorms for the rest of the evening.
Sunday the cousins headed to the Paulson home for Jake's farewell & Courtney's 12th birthday celebration.
Where Krugh seemed to steal all the attention.
Intramurals start up again this week. X-Factor (Flag Football) Thursday Night 6:15 The Baconators (Soccer) Thursday Night @ 9:15 Now back to work & school this week!


Have You Forgotten?

I dedicate this post to our awesome country. To our freedoms. To those who serve to keep our freedoms. To our ancestors who established our freedom. To anyone who lost someone on 9/11.


A Game To Remember

If you haven't heard you need to crawl out from underneath that rock! We beat #3 Oklahoma last night in just about one of the best football games I have ever seen. The nail biter ended in 14-13. Forget the fact that the Heisman winning QB was out 2nd quarter. He didn't carry them to No. 3 on his back. Then, afterwards, we drove around Provo for about an hour through the wild streets. Later we went to see "Up" in the dollar theater. Such a cute movie. I recommend it. I fell asleep for about an hour in the middle though. Exhaustion set in. Then I topped off the amazing evening with the BYU rally @ the Provo airport to welcome back the football team. I don't think I've known what school pride really was until last night. Amazing. What a great season opener. Restore '84!


Prepare and Prevent instead of Repair and Repent. Get your flu shots folks.

My Theme Song This Month

Sorry to sound pathetic, but this song is truer to my life right now than yall know.

p.s. i'm not a huge taylor swift LIVE fan, BUT her recorded songs are so great...& genius lyrics for selling her cd to every teenage girl alive. & me.

and i have the biggest crush on the boy in this movie. first time I ever saw him-guest star on House, second time- Hannah Montana Movie, third time-this here video.

Hopefully the 4th is in person. or a kissing booth.



Major Changes!
Literally, no worries though I'm still in Public Health, I'm not THAT fickle :)
I changed my major from
Public Health; emphasis in Health Science
Public Health; emphasis in Health Promotion.
I am SO excited.
My school class is crazy, I have a 2.5 hr class monday nights and 2.5 hr class wednesday nights.
Killer, yes. BUT, I enjoy them because it's my major class! I'm taking my first major classes this semester & I couldn't be happier. I revamped my grad plan too with Health Promotion in mind & it's the greatest thing ever. No more chem's, pdbios or physics. Just allll health classes. I've decided I'm not going to grad school, unless I go to Public Health Grad school, because I just like my major so much. Nursing is not for me. It feels so good to be completely satisfied with my major. I will never be able to tell any of yall how long this has been on my mind and how big of a burden it has been. It's taken me a long time to decide on a major and not after not having gone through every major offered @ BYU. I'm in love with my major.
Advice: with big risks come big rewards (or failure, but we're going to be optomistic)
p.s. I got to go see Keith and Keri's new baby yesterday. I'm in love.
Krugh Murdock Stolworthy
6 lbs 9 oz
19.5 in.
100% kissable


I disagree with skirts that are wider than they are long.

I woke up late today

It was a party.
Thanks to Stevo, I made it to work on time.
That better not happen again.
The bus system is unforgiving.
The water heater is up and running.
Thank you accounting-major-plumber-boy.


Good Weekend

So, this weekend was a wild one. There were a few rockband sessions at Stevo's. Mark also tried to show the guys a few tricks. I laughed a lot.
I ate a siamese banana, this picture does not show it, but it was literally 2 bananas in one, it had 2 centers, a line in the middle where they should have separated & it was really oval shaped. YUM!
(Yes, I'm aware I look like a crazy person)
Sydney & I took a mall trip & got some 'essentials' in the clothing dept before school started.
I got my FIRST pair of American Eagle jeans...EVER! HOORAH....I don't think I'll ever get another kind. Thank you American Eagle for the wonderful jeans you make & thanks mom and dad for all the aerie items at B-day time that had to be returned & funded my jean spree.
We were so excited about our good finds we had to take a few mirror pictures.
This was all fabulous...but Sunday takes the cake. First of all, I have to say, I think I have the best ward at BYU. I love it. I have to say I had an amazing freshman ward, I had what I like to refer to as the 'sophomore slums', & now I'm back on top! I love it. I've made so many new friends already. SO, ya dee ya, I go to church come home nap at Steve's while we watched The Prince of Egypt. Then I returned to my apt when he went to his ward & cleaned my room for a little while. My roomate & her friends were freaking out in the kitchen so I looked out to ask what was wrong. I went out there & our kitchen was flooded with an inch of water all over the entire Kitchen... my jaw dropped so I ran to the closet, grabbed our broom & started brooming all the water into the drain in the utility closet. Long story short our water heater got too hot & blew out water to cool itself....& flooded our kitchen...all the roomates had plans, so they left so I kinda just hung out at our mildewy apt as I waited for the landlord's brother in law to come over. Come to find out our flood flooded the apartment below & water was coming out of their vents & light fixtures...perfect. They were freaking out & I was feeling alarmingly responsible. The landlord's brother-in-law came over, but didn't know what was wrong so we waited for the plumber to come. The little makeshift plumber boy came over just to tell us we'd need one to come Monday morning... but don't worry, he turned off our water heater for us. So, thanks to Steve, I was able to be clean for work on Monday...but a plumber never came yesterday morning.
& our hot water is still off.
Lessons Learned: Showers do not work unless you have a hot water output. Dishwashers smoke & burn if you run them without a water flow. Not having hot water sucks.
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