What it feels like to fall 12 spots.

I can tell you all about it! First home game of the season was quite the morale buster. We were bumped in the AP polls from 7-19...hmm (not as bad as Utah though...who is no longer ranked HA!) We got demolished by FSU last night in our very own stadium. Wow, talk about a bust to the pride...final score 54-28. What a shame. Well regardless to us getting spanked, the game was really fun!
Here's some pictures We were so happy when the sun finally went down Syd, myself, Sara and Dani. Best secret spots ever! Ha! Steven got kicked out of the student section...why? RFL! We went & indulged at the Training Table (The last time I was there was October 23, 2007 the night before Mitch entered the MTC... He returns in 5 weeks and 2 days...)

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  1. Rachel, I saw some of these pictures on FB and they are so cute! You really must get some of them printed up, especially of the one of you with the field in the background. Great pictures for your memory book! You girls are all so darling! And you made me hungry for those yummy training table burgers and the french fries with the dipping sauce which unfortunately is not on my diet these days!


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