I'm Alive

I haven't put anything exciting up in a few days.... I apologize to ALL 3 of my readers :)
Well, school has been fabulous. I love all my major classes & somehow I've kept on top of all of my work, it's amazing. I've felt really overwhelmed & worked on homework all last weekend, but I feel so accomplished!
Don't worry though, I've had lots of fun too! Friday night Sydney & I watched a movie, wrote letters, did homework & then just went to sleep. Then Saturday I ran, watched the football game, did homework then spent a good 1.5 hrs @ the lib tryin to get Syd's Sacrament Meeting program to print. We laughed pretty hard. Good thing we were in the No Shhh zone.
We terrorized the freshman in the dorms for the rest of the evening.
Sunday the cousins headed to the Paulson home for Jake's farewell & Courtney's 12th birthday celebration.
Where Krugh seemed to steal all the attention.
Intramurals start up again this week. X-Factor (Flag Football) Thursday Night 6:15 The Baconators (Soccer) Thursday Night @ 9:15 Now back to work & school this week!

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