To Read.

I've got a pretty long Want-To-Read list, some of the books on this list: Reread Tuesdays w/ Morrie Have a Little Faith: A True Story The Last Lecture Catching Fire The Time Traveler's Wife The 5 Love Languages Syd's "How do you know you're in love" book The "understanding the way boy's brains work" book Ok, so I didn't know the title of the last 2, but that's not what's important. So that's my list, and in no certain order. But I will have all these read one day. Notice any reoccurring themes?... xoxoFromUT

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  1. I've read the first and third book on your list. Guess I don't need the one called, "How Do You Know You Are In Love." Just know I love you, Grams!


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