A Game To Remember

If you haven't heard you need to crawl out from underneath that rock! We beat #3 Oklahoma last night in just about one of the best football games I have ever seen. The nail biter ended in 14-13. Forget the fact that the Heisman winning QB was out 2nd quarter. He didn't carry them to No. 3 on his back. Then, afterwards, we drove around Provo for about an hour through the wild streets. Later we went to see "Up" in the dollar theater. Such a cute movie. I recommend it. I fell asleep for about an hour in the middle though. Exhaustion set in. Then I topped off the amazing evening with the BYU rally @ the Provo airport to welcome back the football team. I don't think I've known what school pride really was until last night. Amazing. What a great season opener. Restore '84!

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