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I'm sitting in Epi right now. Yeah, blogging. This class is the driest scienciest stats class I have ever been and will ever be in, in my life. Hence, the blogging. This class a requirement for my major, but the professor is SO low key...which is fabulous. The homework assignments are near impossible, and lectures are so b o r i n g it nearly brings tears to my eyes...sometimes the Wednesday night classes from 5-7:30 feels like 27 hrs instead of 3. However, he is letting our midterm be a take home test. MONEY!!! for this I could kiss anyone around me. I've been laughing bc I hold my phone on my lap in this class and text everyone down to the neighbor's dog to have conversations with. I try to stay under the radar, typing under my desk. Then I looked around the room, the guy on the front row a few seats away from me just puts his elbow on his desk and flat out texts. The married guy in front of me texts, probably what are a thousand sweet nothings, to his wifey. I'm stealing my cousin Ashley's idea for blogging the day's high/low. Sydney and I used to talk to eachother and say what was the best and worst part of our day. It makes you think, if you had a really 'bad day' (kinda like my 'i'm mad at the world' monday), what the one thing is legitimate enough to whine about. And then we'd say one thing that we like most about our bodies, to reassure ourselves we are blessed. I liked it when we did that. Then we had a segment of time where we did apt prayer and we would gather everyone together who was home before the majority went to bed and we'd all kneel together and everyone would go around and say one good thing about their day, no complaining allowed. And then we'd pray. That was the only 100% assured unity time in the apt, bc everyone was happy for everyone's happiness. (Plus we always found out interesting secret little exciting things in eachother's lives that we might not have known about otherwise. Those were great moments.) p.s. I really love being a girl. It's so much more exciting...and miserable at times, but that makes the really happy times even more so. I'll leave my high/low later bc we're having a waffle party and movie night with ty and chad, and I'm hoping that exceeds the highs I have had while at work and class all day :) well. Enough blogging for RIIIIIGHT now. see ya soon. xoxo oh and funny thing of the day. My hometeacher texted me in Enviro HLTH today and asked me to putt putt on friday. I have plans, so I told him about how I'm really good, but that I can't. He said something along the lines of, "oops, i'm embarrassed, wrong rachel." My thoughts to that...uh I just turned you down, you definitely could have played it off and I would have never known. But I laughed really hard because the situation is so weird. But I survived the textual awkwardness and lived to tell the tale. The conversation ended on the note that we, too, will one day go putt putting.... Weird and wild stuff, folks.


  1. AHHA i love the date story! i wen't to kris's earlier & told her & we laughed! I thought the same thing... if i were him i would've said "oh shoot! maybe another time..." Secretly knowing there would never be "another time."

  2. A of all: Marie and I would love to do that roommate/apartment thing! We tried to have roommate prayer last year, but it never really worked out. I think it would be fun, and I'd love to hear the good things about your days!
    B of all: On reading this, I was like, "Geez... our home teacher's asking Rachel out already! He's only visited once! The Skinny Cows were definitely his way of wooing her!".
    The end.

  3. Two things:
    1) so glad you are making the most of your time at that "hard" school of yours :)

    2) I'm glad you've "stolen" my high/low!! :)

    oh, here's one more:

    3) who in the world TEXTS to go out on a date?! am I that old fashioned that no one gives a damn about CALLING?!?!? :)

    the. end.

  4. ha I KNOW! You're not too old, I thought it was strange too, but then the strangeness of being asked out over texting was outweighed by the weirdness of the ENTIRE situation. Classic.

  5. Yeah...definitely weird, and funny! I'm with you though...easy to blow it off and not blow the cover-and I'm with Ashley...What is this texting for a date thing? Come on-be a man!

  6. Enjoyed your story, Rachel! I always do. Sounds like things are going okay for you, despite the fact that you have so much to do. You seem to be leading a balanced life and that is so good. Keep up the good work! For every down there is an up just around the corner!

  7. very good post. loved seeing you the other day. and yeah talk about awkward--i would write the guy off on two counts--1. grow a pair dude, and maybe when you ask out a girl in person, you wont ask the wrong one. 2--how dumb can you be not to get yourself out of that one? wow.
    lets play again soon

  8. Haha! That is awesome, I love it! Have a good weekend!! LOVES & CHEERS. Megan (Child)


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