I am SO dry, I'm shriveling up like a raisin, folks. Utah has gotten drastically dryer the past few days and I can feel it. my mind and body are SO connected sometimes. and SO not at other times. But, my bones ache when it's about to rain (or in utah, snow) As soon as the humidity level changes so does my body. It's so strange, maybe it's more that my body is SO connected to the weather? ha Who knows, all I know is that my lotion is going to be going a lot faster and me and Burt are going to be getting a LOT closer.
xoxo from UT


  1. Rachel, I know what you mean. All the time I lived in Ohio I saw a huge difference then when I lived in Florida where it is humid most of the time. Don't use any lotion that has lanolin in it. It is supposed to dry your skin out more (per a dermatologist.)

  2. hey rach! i work at a derm office and our favorite thing there is something called CeraVe Cream. you can get it at walgreens or smiths, etc but it is Awesome!



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