Major Changes!
Literally, no worries though I'm still in Public Health, I'm not THAT fickle :)
I changed my major from
Public Health; emphasis in Health Science
Public Health; emphasis in Health Promotion.
I am SO excited.
My school class is crazy, I have a 2.5 hr class monday nights and 2.5 hr class wednesday nights.
Killer, yes. BUT, I enjoy them because it's my major class! I'm taking my first major classes this semester & I couldn't be happier. I revamped my grad plan too with Health Promotion in mind & it's the greatest thing ever. No more chem's, pdbios or physics. Just allll health classes. I've decided I'm not going to grad school, unless I go to Public Health Grad school, because I just like my major so much. Nursing is not for me. It feels so good to be completely satisfied with my major. I will never be able to tell any of yall how long this has been on my mind and how big of a burden it has been. It's taken me a long time to decide on a major and not after not having gone through every major offered @ BYU. I'm in love with my major.
Advice: with big risks come big rewards (or failure, but we're going to be optomistic)
p.s. I got to go see Keith and Keri's new baby yesterday. I'm in love.
Krugh Murdock Stolworthy
6 lbs 9 oz
19.5 in.
100% kissable


  1. being in the major is a good good thing. i hate GE's. forever. If there were no GE's i might've actually LIKED school. ugh.
    Crew is my favorite boys name. Never seen it spelled "Krugh" but props on being Kreative Keith & Keri. Can't wait to see that munchkin & kiss on him!

  2. Ahhh...sooooo cute! I can tell he's gonna have the "stick up all over hair" Keith had when he was little..hahaha

  3. Such a cute, cute baby! Tell Keith and his honey congrats for me! Glad you got to hold him. Also, glad you have figured out what you want to do, Rachel. I know you have to be feeling a lot more peaceful about that!


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