No, but seriously, thank goodness it's Friday.
Whenever I hear TGIF, I can't help but think of the old ABC's TGIF. That was the highlight of my weekend as a kid. Not even kidding. Danielle, Kayla and I would get to lay on my parents GIGANTIC water bed and watch TV on the box tv in their room. We thought it was the greatest thing. The lineup included:
Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Step by Step, and Boy Meets World.
I always remember that after boy meets world ended, we'd have to turn off the tv bc that's when 20/20 came on and only grown-ups watch that show.
Boy Meets world was my favorite show for a long time after they even stopped recording them. Dani and I had over the years, I'm pretty sure, recorded every single episode on a vhs tape. We watched them over and over, even through high school.
It's one of those few shows that was clean and stayed that way through the entire show-life. The only scandelous part was that Eric and Jack lived with Rachel, the hot redhead, in college. Even then, nothing ever happened or was even referred to.
Basically TGIF in the 90's was the best :)


  1. I heart bmw. Such a good show. FE HE HE HENAY!

  2. I miss watching TGIF on the gigantic waterbed...
    so sad.
    Maybe since the gigantic waterbed is in your bedroom now we should youtube shows when we go home & watch them in your bedroom.
    tear tear

    I love that show so much.
    so much.

  4. yes yes yes! Netters and I did the same thing! except, our parents didn't have a water bed. :)
    do you still have those tapes? we should have boys meet world marathon. ?

  5. Cute, Rachel! I had fun reading this! For my generation it was I LOVE LUCY, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW and THE DISNEY SHOW on Sunday nights. Then there was BONANZA, PERRY MASON, THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW,and THE MOUSEKETEERS to name a few. Later THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW was so very popular. I miss all the clean programing that anyone could sit down together and watch. Things have really changed in the world and some of it is not so good.


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