Sweet Memories

When I was a kid I lived outside. When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark...& I still am. When I was a kid I loved scary movies (such as Jurassic Park). When I was a kid I loved coloring. When I was a kid I ran around in my swimsuit with NO inhibitions (I wasn't any skinnier then). When I was a kid I always got in trouble for talking in class. When I was a kid I kissed boys on the playground. When I was a kid I loved going to Grandmother & Grandaddy's place and swimming. When I wa a kid I took pride in knowing crayon color names. When I was a kid I loved playing in the sprinklers. When I was a kid I loved getting cards from Grandmother because she always signed them
'xoxo' & sometimes there would even be extra x's & o's. I never understood what it meant but she told me it meant kisses and hugs. It still didn't make sense to me, but I loved that she would send me
hugs & kisses
even when we didn't live close. I am a sentimental person. And that's why xoxo is so special to me :)
My day is going fabulously & I hope yours does, too.


  1. ooo im so glad today is going better for you. yesterday sucked. lets embrace today and make it a happy one!

    ...even though im in the library and SHOULD be reading.

  2. you were the greatest kid ever.

  3. Rachel, I enjoyed reading that so much! It brought me back to when you WERE a kid! You did a good job capturing a time and a place, never to be repeated again! Such a precious child and still, you are just a love!


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