Favorite new thumbdrive.
It's 16gb. So happy.
 Redbox, I love you. & this movie.
Gosh it pulls the heartstrings! 
New fingernail do. Thanks Deej.
Sadly these pictures were taken on 3 separate nights. & I am in the same position in the same clothes.
Big boy's first day of school his Junior year! 
I'm so proud!

Good Ole' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee!

You're home sweet home to me!
Dad thought it was funny that the gum matched my shirt.
Also, I am doing my makeup in the car.
& my hair is air-dried/slept on from the night before.
Even though I am a very punctual person...I strangely made it late to the airport that morning.
JK. I am always late.
 Restocked my state pride gear while home!
 Gave weird Muppet kisses to Bella.
She deserves every one. 
 Gave Bella Boo a bath. She's the cutest!
 Ma, Pa, Wes & I went Kings Island (Cincinnati, OH) theme park for a day! It was so fun! We drove by the house I lived in when I was little!
 My parents got a new car. Momma & I were living large in the back seat. 
Watching Madea movies never gets old.
 Hooray for Mom's Real Estate business picking up again!
 Please ignore my humidity greased face & tired look.
I was tired & greasy, in fact.
 This is my neighborhood.
 Wes & I at Sweet CeCe's a very expensive & tastier version of Yogurtland for you
 Bella, Me & Momma one night when we were making s'mores!
Girls rule!
 Bella lounging on my moose pants.
She is not being coerced. She loves this position. 
Seriously, this dog is a rag doll dog.
Last night together all in TN! Missing Deej & Spencie!
It was so much fun! This is at O'Charley's. No one can go to Franklin & skip O'Charleys.
The rolls will give you rolls. & you will still love them.

Anyway, it was such a fun trip that I was so sad to see end!
Our last day there, Sunday, ended up being eventful! Weston Someone clogged a turlet & overnight it flooded the whole house. Literally. It flooded the upstairs, main floor & basement.  So we spent the whole morning splashing around while attempting to clean up poo water from all over the house.
 It was really fun actually!

Edited: I'm being dramatic, it really wasn't poop water. It was just toilet water, I like to be dramatic. But still, toilet water grosses me out. There was no fecal matter involved.

Good family bonding right thurr!
A family that splashes in poo together stays together!


Just Call Me Judge Judy

I received notice that I have been summoned for jury duty.
I was all bent out of shape, this girl cannot spare any vacation hours! 
Then Deej & Weston assured me that this is really cool!

I was picturing traffic court, apparently those don't have juries.

SOOO, basically I get to be apart of some crazy trial. Now, I'm very excited

I'm not ashamed to say I've let my imagination go hog wild.  

I'm going to be the star of the next 48 hours episode.



My sister is homeless.

Anyone want to throw a sale pitch right now for where is the best place to live in the Provo/Orem region?
My sister is homeless.
I have been scouring KSL for some great steals.
I have come across some serious winners.
& some serious losers.

Which one is this?
I'll let you decide
However apparently huge women are going for $245

Nice attention to detail, Provolonian.
You obviously really want to sell your contract.
You show that through your careful word selection in your ad.

Anyways, seriously though.
Anyone have a private bedroom open & looking for an awesome, hot, good-singing, fun-spirited, organization-freak, sister-of-mine to live with you?

Or boys, looking for a wife?
She cooks, she cleans, she teaches school.
She's the total package.

Oh, & selfishly I am looking for apts in the outlying areas of Provo, because Selfishly I'm sick of terrible parking near her apts.


A salad of events.

 He's dirty.
No seriously, look closely at his neck.

 & he smelled really bad.
Thank you wildfires.
But mostly thank you that you're over for us.
 A date at Carraba's. Neither of us had ever been.
Their food was delish & was happy for my healthier self.
Nothing like self timer w/ an obnoxious flashing orange light in a very crowded restaurant.
 Self portrait.
 Weston's family reunion at Fishlake was a lot of fun!
Mr. Taylor
 Weston & I in front of what I guess is the actual Lake at Fishlake
 Our newest addition to the fam!
Well in November
 In-law #3.
I love being number one.
Devin seems like a really cool cat & Tasha is very happy with him.
Yippee skipppeeee!
Yeah, hotty mchot hot right thurr.
 We had a lot of fun
 We do not have chicken pox.
It is little mud splashes.
The mud was so wet it just dripped down us instead of caking. & it was really really cold
I luhve him. Mostly, I loved our first weekend together all summer. Which equals our first whole days together all summer, too. The few days he had off during the fire season happily fell during the work week. While I was working.

I was seriously seriously not happy about that. I'm excited for our first weekend ALONE where we can reconnect. I've seriously missed Weston.

Friends are great & I have so many awesome friends! I hung out with a few of them through the summer, but seriously all I wanted was Weston.  My heart ached all summer.
 The family reunion was so fun, but of course it didn't really provide any alone time for us, so I am still looking forward to that! 

We didn't take very many pictures at the family reunion, but I wish I would have! I'll have to collect some more pictures from his sisters & share them on here! 


A little trashy.


Remember that 6lb. burrito challenge Wes won?
Yeah, me too. So proud.

Anyways, this story is a great follow-up.

The other night Weston is just finished with the fire season.
We get home from a date he comes out of the room wearing this shirt

Me: Tacos for tatas??  Uhh.....where the heck did that shirt come from?
Him: From my burrito contest!
Me: Why the heck would they put 'tatas' on a burrito contest tee?
Him: Well, they ran out of the burrito challenge shirts & so they gave me this one! Why, what is that?
Me: BOOBS earmuffs

Ya dee yaaa...the story goes on, basically Weston had no idea. 

Oh good ol' Orangeville raising; I love my dear, sweet, innocent husband.

Do not worry. I made sure this shirt will never leave our house. Luckily this was the first time he wore it...

 I hate things like that or those awful breast cancer bracelets that are equally WT. Yuck.

Anyways, I was laughing all night over this.

but it gets better.

Later that night "How am I supposed to know the spanish word for boobs?"
Yes, even after my explanation he thought tatas equals spanish. Oh my goodness. I died a little more.

I apologize to anyone offended, but I seriously need this documented for all family history purposes.


No, against popular belief, I am not dead.

You will want to see this.

Wow, time to come up for air in blogland.

I'm a little overdue.
Basically there's been a lot going on, some of which you are honored to hear via bloggy blog.

 Weston is so cute when I get him home from fires & really cute in the mornings when I can't get him conscious enough to say goodbye to me when I leave for work.
he had a total of 12 days off from May to September. It was really hard.
But I come from the school of hard knocks, so it ain't no thang.
Seriously, though, this summer sucked. 
Minus some awesome things like family coming & visiting, etc.

 Despite drooling over this manly man chest, please acknowledge the red lines across his shoulders.
This picture doesn't properly show it either, but his chest  was all red as well as his poor collar bones.
His shoulders are literally perma-looking like this all summer.
That red color callouses over. It's from his pack. Hardcore, huh? 
Yeah, I just thought about it & now I need a nap.

 I'm being very healthy. 
No seriously, I am.
I've lost 13 lbs in a month. Hoorah for me.
I am hoping to lose 15 more poundages.

Yay for getting fat after marrying a man who eats quite literally like a horse & then realizing how disgusting you feel & changing it.

My friend/coworker Adam or Jake, call him whatever you want, just got a puppy.

Her name is Roxy. I died & went to heaven. & wouldn't put her down.

Best day of work.

Don't mind my nappy hair. I just got it cut a couple days ago. & colored. I no longer have hair issues quite like pictured w/ pup.

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