A salad of events.

 He's dirty.
No seriously, look closely at his neck.

 & he smelled really bad.
Thank you wildfires.
But mostly thank you that you're over for us.
 A date at Carraba's. Neither of us had ever been.
Their food was delish & was happy for my healthier self.
Nothing like self timer w/ an obnoxious flashing orange light in a very crowded restaurant.
 Self portrait.
 Weston's family reunion at Fishlake was a lot of fun!
Mr. Taylor
 Weston & I in front of what I guess is the actual Lake at Fishlake
 Our newest addition to the fam!
Well in November
 In-law #3.
I love being number one.
Devin seems like a really cool cat & Tasha is very happy with him.
Yippee skipppeeee!
Yeah, hotty mchot hot right thurr.
 We had a lot of fun
 We do not have chicken pox.
It is little mud splashes.
The mud was so wet it just dripped down us instead of caking. & it was really really cold
I luhve him. Mostly, I loved our first weekend together all summer. Which equals our first whole days together all summer, too. The few days he had off during the fire season happily fell during the work week. While I was working.

I was seriously seriously not happy about that. I'm excited for our first weekend ALONE where we can reconnect. I've seriously missed Weston.

Friends are great & I have so many awesome friends! I hung out with a few of them through the summer, but seriously all I wanted was Weston.  My heart ached all summer.
 The family reunion was so fun, but of course it didn't really provide any alone time for us, so I am still looking forward to that! 

We didn't take very many pictures at the family reunion, but I wish I would have! I'll have to collect some more pictures from his sisters & share them on here! 



  1. Lookin good Rachel!!!! I like your hair!

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Sami. Your hair looks good, especially in those date night pictures. I also really like that black and white striped shirt. Cute!! I'm so happy to hear you FINALLY got a couple days together without interruption. Sheesh, you two have had a looong summer apart :( I can't imagine!! Love you!!

  3. Welcome back!!! So happy to have you! Hahah! LOVE reading your blog! xoxoxoxox

  4. It is so nice to see you happy and doing a great job in making a blog.


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