Good Ole' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee!

You're home sweet home to me!
Dad thought it was funny that the gum matched my shirt.
Also, I am doing my makeup in the car.
& my hair is air-dried/slept on from the night before.
Even though I am a very punctual person...I strangely made it late to the airport that morning.
JK. I am always late.
 Restocked my state pride gear while home!
 Gave weird Muppet kisses to Bella.
She deserves every one. 
 Gave Bella Boo a bath. She's the cutest!
 Ma, Pa, Wes & I went Kings Island (Cincinnati, OH) theme park for a day! It was so fun! We drove by the house I lived in when I was little!
 My parents got a new car. Momma & I were living large in the back seat. 
Watching Madea movies never gets old.
 Hooray for Mom's Real Estate business picking up again!
 Please ignore my humidity greased face & tired look.
I was tired & greasy, in fact.
 This is my neighborhood.
 Wes & I at Sweet CeCe's a very expensive & tastier version of Yogurtland for you
 Bella, Me & Momma one night when we were making s'mores!
Girls rule!
 Bella lounging on my moose pants.
She is not being coerced. She loves this position. 
Seriously, this dog is a rag doll dog.
Last night together all in TN! Missing Deej & Spencie!
It was so much fun! This is at O'Charley's. No one can go to Franklin & skip O'Charleys.
The rolls will give you rolls. & you will still love them.

Anyway, it was such a fun trip that I was so sad to see end!
Our last day there, Sunday, ended up being eventful! Weston Someone clogged a turlet & overnight it flooded the whole house. Literally. It flooded the upstairs, main floor & basement.  So we spent the whole morning splashing around while attempting to clean up poo water from all over the house.
 It was really fun actually!

Edited: I'm being dramatic, it really wasn't poop water. It was just toilet water, I like to be dramatic. But still, toilet water grosses me out. There was no fecal matter involved.

Good family bonding right thurr!
A family that splashes in poo together stays together!


  1. Oh Rachey! hahaha...You make everything so much grosser-what a compliment! LOVED the blogpost! LOVED that you guys were home for a short bit, LOVED every minute...look forward to a LONGER visit! :) xxoxoxoxx


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