Laugh til you cry

Um, I just saw The Proposal and it was the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. A couple...eh...'I'm glad I'm not on a date right now' moments, but other than that so great. Favorite parts include the one announcing the wedding, describing the proposal, on the lawn with the dog and all the other awkward stuff. You know those silent laughs that all of a sudden turn into extremely startling guffaws? I was doing that the entire time. Plus, Sandra Bullock has been my favorite actress since I started remember actor and actresses names (which I'm still HORRENDOUS at). xoxo


South Carolina

My family just got back from a fabulous vacay to the East Coast! I have never been to a beach out of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama or Texas (okay, so maybe that's a lot, but I've never been to the West or East coast). It was so great! I've always had sweet thoughts of South Carolina, it takes second of my favorite states by a big margin, but the beach was a fabulous surprise! We're grateful for my dad's job that has blessed us with a TON of Marriott points and FF miles. We got to stay at this awesome hotel in Myrtle Beach that my mom and dad had stayed at on one of his assignments. The beach was shelly and the water was the perfect temperature! It was a nice hoorah and our first full family vacation in a few years.
Here's some pictures from Myrtle Beach! Snoozin' on the drive! Family Photo Shoot Cruisin around Myrtle Beach! "Remember kids, this is a nice hotel, try to be classy" Beach Time! Everyone had a good book! xoxo


Kiss Me Thru The Fone

but don't leave voicemails. I checked mine tonight for the first time since last Friday.... I had 1 7....good thing I was babysitting and the babies were sleeping.... hmmm...I should probably keep up w/ that more regularly Sorry: 1. Mom 2. Dad 3. Diana 4. Syd 5. Kristin 6. Grandmother 7. Jenna 8. ...the list goes on... xoxo


I just went out and interrupted some secret mission and talked to them about chillin out, maybe watch a movie if they don't want to sleep. Yeah, they're totally playing pool right now.... and another door slammed.... Ipods are wonderful inventions xoxo

Tonight I wish I was deaf.

Well, it's youth conference weekend and we have 10 boys from the stake at our house. 2:15 and they're still goin strong. Activities include:running up and down the hall (no 007's that's for sure), whispering (more like soft screaming) yeah, well the two rooms they're focusing their time in are on either side of my bedroom walls... Oh sleep, how I miss thou... sweet dreams! xoxo


In the words of Eminem...

...I'm cleanin out my closet I haven't emptied the boxes in my closet from a few moves 1. move from Treelawn to Darkwoods 2. Darkwoods to College 3. College to Natchez So here I am today...since I am a procrastinator, cleaning out a long overdue closet in the middle of summer rather than, oh, the beginning of summer...Christmas...or Thanksgiving...yeah that didn't happen...buuuut I DID IT! So, three cheers for me anyway Hoorah. Hoorah. Hoorah! Let me share some of my newly found old treasures with you: Yearbooks: K-12 My wonderful book collection! A snow globe Grandmother gave me Lavern, or is it Shirley? I can't remember, but it's one of the two. I was obsessed with that show when I was little. One year for Christmas, my mom made all 4 of us these GIANT bears. My Japanese silk painting I made at Young Scholars in Middle School. My mom made the little quilt trim for it. She was always so supportive of the art skills I like to think I have! Last but not least-- Mitch's Southpole suit (pants not included in picture) and the "Beowolf" slippers I picked up at Wal-Mart when Mitch and I took a little stop there before Cowboys vs. Indians day for spirit week our senior year! I LOVE walking down memory lane! xoxo


I am SERIOUSLY blessed!

My schedule has worked out perfectly...seriously...I can now work it out to get a job from 8-12 every day. Someone's looking out for me :)


3 years already!

Dani and I have nannied Kendyl & Luke and Jake & Easton since before Luke was born in July 3 years ago! Easton was 6 weeks when I started nannying her and 5 yr old Jake. While that summer Dani nannied Kendyl during Kelly's Pregnancy. Well, I went and hung out w/ Kendyl and Luke last night while Kelly and Michael went out. It was so fun. I love those kids!
Kendyl loved the jumping pictures


5 Days!

Dani's comin home in less than a week! I'm so excited to have her home! We've always been exact opposites and still are in every way, but that's what's made everything so great. She's Ying. I'm Yang. She's Peanut Butter. I'm Jelly. Unlike our younger years, our differences now complement each other more so than present obstacles. It makes advice given to and taken from each other a necessity. Hoorah for Dani comin home! xoxo


The AG Experience

Last summer I worked the fabulous Aspen Grove job.
We were told when we got hired that you mostly work there for the experience. It's true. Let me tell you though, as hard as it was camping with those spiders every night for 3 months w/ no AC, we survived and I look back on it with sweet memories in my mind. It was nights of soccer, movies, hiking, night games, ice-blocking, bon fires, pool basketball, dancing, hiking, mexican dominos, madgab, catchphrase, camp songs, nursery, etc. We had so much fun and our crew really bonded. I made some awesome friends. Since a year from today I was in full working mode at Aspen Grove I thought I'd give it a little shout out. Here's some highlights: The Dynamic Duo the night 6'7" Phil broke the swing The store was always a fun stop! We had the best hikes ever. Provo Canyon is Beautiful! The 3 amigos! Brandon The Olympics and breaking into the mess hall for a midnight snack! Steve-O! Adventures w/ Em-dawg! Dining Hall crew! The Love Shack! Alan. It was THE summer of guitar and such. Not much else to do. A trip to the mall was like Disneyworld. Actually, a trip to civilization was a trip to Disneyworld. Water Ballooning... Seth is THE man! The Boss-Man Scott Christmas in July! Hell, I mean workouts with Seth More hikes. And last, but not least, the week D got nicknamed Barfy. Theme Song: Low

Something's missing....

Remember that post I put up w/ the chicken snake in it? Well I didn't put this vid on it... probably because it made me look really mean. It was a harmless prank, but Chase freaked out. He was over it in 5 seconds. Following the prank, unfortunately not captured on film, was this exchange of words: "Chase, why were you so scared of the snake." "I just don't like touching snakes, they're all slimey." "Chase, snakes aren't slimey, have you even ever touched a snake?" "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN POKED IN THE EYE WITH A SNAKE?" Needless to say I laughed till tears after that one. Chase is a good sport, that's what makes it so much fun to pick on him. Thanks Punky! xoxo

Recognize This Face?

He came into my work today. I greeted him and took him back for his session....
...don't be deceived by tv, he wasn't very friendly. xoxo


Wildlife Update

I have become one with nature this summer.
I've had a couple interesting near-roadkill experiences with some fabulous creatures. Not just your average Possum, which, by the way, was almost sidewalk chalk last night, he narrowly survived due to my lightening quick reflexes. SO, first of all the other night after work I took princess Bella outside. She had to do her thing. I was standing on the patio waiting and all of a sudden every forest creature went silent. I'm not kidding yall, you have no idea how many frogs were singin to eachother 30 seconds before that. It was the average night orchastra goin on out there. So she's doin her thing and everything goes silent....I just about peed my pants bc that means there is a coyote or somethin, what else would shut up all the little creatures? SO I run towards the door calling Bella's name, thankfully her stubborness didn't hold us up or we would've been a midnight treat. It was freaky (family please say that in your head appropriately. David's a doll.) Well today on my way to work I just about hit a turkey that decided to stroll across the street, first of all I should have hit it because those things are so mean, but then I decided if it was a chicken, I would've really killed it, because I like chicken so much more. Captured that for everyone, because I had my camera with me; begging for something to blog about. I have a really pathetic turkey call. I wouldn't have had to use it if the turkey would have just turned around and cheesed it up for the camera. Then tonight I almost hit another deer. Nothing new, but this time it stopped on the side of the road and stared at me... my flash wasn't working too well..gay. This is the best I could do. It looks more like a UFO spotting. Then DRUMROLL PLEASE.... A little bit down the road about 100 yards from my house...I just about hit a baby cub. You want to know what kind of cub? Bobcat baby....yeah NOT okay. So forget the coyote, we could have had a momma bobcat on the hunt the other night. I just about died when I saw that, he was little and furry and the tip of his tail was black like fur was growin out and it was going to be all tan colored. The other night the garage door doorknob was jammed and so I had to walk around the outside to the front door....and I was so freaked out for a number of reasons. I was alone and no one was home, It's pitch black out here, as in no lights whatsoever. The darkness seemed to eat my cellphone lighting, and mostly I was so freaked out, because with this house it's not people predators I'm worried about, but the Discovery Channel kind. I really don't want to show up on a show entitled "Unlucky Encounters, Featuring Steve Irwin." xoxo


Rachel and her awful, terrible, no good, very bad day

Did you read those books about Alexander when you were little? One of those days where everything seems to go wrong? I had one of those last Friday. (Don't worry, this does end on a good note) I was feeling sad because I wasn't working in the best work environment. I then went to work with a positive attitude, because the job itself was so great, I got to talk to nice people all day. With some cleaning and laundry once an hour. It's great. I have really been struggling with the awful talk that goes on in my workplace. I kept pushin the concerns out of my head, thinking I'd just been spoiled by my fabulous BYU jobs. Friday, I got in at 7:30 that mornin to be surrounded by language that would make sailors cringe. The Savior's name should never be used as an expression of frustration or even as a common filler word. I thought, whoa, these people are so nice but I could not hide the grimace on my face, I got sick to my stomach. I'd had enough, Wendy came in around 10 and I got in trouble for something. A little later, I got reprimended for the 1000th time for the water stains on the hardwood floor due to me overwatering the plants (maybe that story will be funny in a couple years...), throughout the day I felt like I was the only one doing anything wrong. I had never done so much wrong in one 8 hr shift of any job. On top of that, I was feeling socially awkward. No one got my jokes (is that genetic?), not to add that I don't have a lifestyle anywhere close to a single one of my coworkers. I left that day in tears and cried in the car. I had to stay in town until the YSA temple trip that night at 5:30. While there, I just prayed for peace. I couldn't quit my job, because I need the income, but I was just thinking about how awful that day was. I went to a party that night with some high school friends, dreading it. And rightfully so. We have just taken such different paths. We all go to different schools, but some how they are able to find connections, but our priorities lie in such different realms. I realized that night, I know I am supposed to lift those around me, but there comes a point where you are no longer lifting, but being pulled down. I talked to my parents that night and considered options, but they all seemed so far-fetched. The next day I went to work, bracing myself for closing alone with Wendy. I went into her office at the beginning of my shift and I gave her my 2 weeks notice. I felt so strongly to do it. All my coworkers are so nice, but I could not take anymore the immoral drag. She asked for my feedback and I gave it to her. She thanked me and did not know all that was going on. I wrote my letter and then began my 2 week countdown. I felt so good about my decision. But let me tell you, I still have my worries because summer is not relaxing for me any more, it's the time I need to get my butt to work and save the big bucks. I think that really bad day was what I needed to ignite the courage to leave there. Blessings :) But I know the Lord is goin to provide a way for me. So, we'll see how the next couple months pan out! xoxo


Free At Last!!

Tonight at approximately 1:05 am I deleted my facebook. I will not be returning to facebook for atleast the rest of the summer....pooooossibly longer... forever? We'll see. That whole virtual socializing wasn't really doin me any good! So, if you're wantin any dirt on me, this is going to be the place to find it! A special thanks to Ma and Pa for lightin a facebook-deleting-fire under my butt. And to my support team: Sydney; for losing hers as well. If anyone is looking for a support group call: 1-800-LIFE-BACK-NOW xoxo



Why I'm missing 'The Y' I'm lovin my time at home and I'm looking forward to this fall, PERFECT combination. I'm excited to be back where people my age live! Ahhh, the joys of a college town. Vandy, Belmont and Lipsomb don't count. xoxo

Bye Bye Blondie!

RIP BEFORE VS. AFTER Thanks to the lovely Jamie at the renowned Salon on Main in Downtown Franklin! I'm probably goin to highlight it again before I head out to school, but I could not handle the yellow hair! It's a fabulous change. Te gusta? xoxo
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