5 Days!

Dani's comin home in less than a week! I'm so excited to have her home! We've always been exact opposites and still are in every way, but that's what's made everything so great. She's Ying. I'm Yang. She's Peanut Butter. I'm Jelly. Unlike our younger years, our differences now complement each other more so than present obstacles. It makes advice given to and taken from each other a necessity. Hoorah for Dani comin home! xoxo


  1. i'm glad you made me the ying & the peanut butter.

    i'm so stoked you don't even know.

    i love you.

  2. awww thats awesome your close to your sis.I Saw Mitch yesterday at the dance in APV,and he said he does'nt kno wat ur talking about with the "Game Tips"


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