Tonight I wish I was deaf.

Well, it's youth conference weekend and we have 10 boys from the stake at our house. 2:15 and they're still goin strong. Activities include:running up and down the hall (no 007's that's for sure), whispering (more like soft screaming) yeah, well the two rooms they're focusing their time in are on either side of my bedroom walls... Oh sleep, how I miss thou... sweet dreams! xoxo


  1. i would like to ADD that they transfered rooms: to Chase's. Chase's room shares a wall with me. Chase's room also has a loft which they have decided to jump off of repeatedly...

    Finally after lying in bed for about an hour, I decide to be mean. I walk in & ask Chase to go to bed. All the boys apoligize. I go back to my bedroom & look at the clock. 5am. Holy Canoly.

    It took about 15 minutes before they decided they could not resist jumping off the loft anymore, so as imagined, i slept about an hour last night...

  2. Ooh...I am glad this time to BE deaf! It helps to be the third floor down from all of these "fireworks." Glad the boys had a good time but sorry both granddaughters missed out on a good night's sleep. I am very impressed though that they let their parents sleep through all of that. What a super nice thing to do!


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