Rise & Shout!

Everyone at the football game!
Spence & Wes in their "Ponchos" It rained all day...Walgreens was all out of ponchos...we didn't want to drive back to Springville for an umbrella...so plan B! Wes finally thought arm holes would be a better idea This was a surprisingly violent process.
2 of my favorite boys
Giddy'up cosmo!
Don't worry, we won.
(for the 2nd time this season...)
K-Ray & me!
Brother & Husband
"Come here cold little Tennessee boy, let me help you unzip your sweater!"


p.s. thank you for the tickets, Becca!

Life as of late!

On Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday I am on this campus for 12, 13 or 14 hours....believe it!
Wes is sweet enough to let me have the car after I finally get out of class work so I can escape & then go pick him up when he gets off of work at 10 or 11!
Life is so busy & so wonderful! I love being married & I love our old, little, no-storage apartment! It treats us so well! Even tho the heater only works in our room...so our room is swealtering & the front room freezes :) Our first apartment is a great one & we love our neighbors...well, the ones that don't smoke or scream at their children through the very thin walls...awkward...
We love it in Provo & being so close to Wes' family but we'll be making the giant lunge move to this campus
I am really really nervous for the cold....but I'm really excited....because I think we're going to get a PUPPY!!
I LOVE love love chocolate Labs... but do not like dogs that shed.
Wes does not like small dogs...
We're considering a Maltese-Poodle, which is what Bella is...this is what she looked like as a puppy too!
Of course the chocolate lab is begging to be cuddled with, too!
it almost makes the frozen tundra worth it!

Hair Woes

My hair is really long.
It's always been really long.
I am bored & looking for change.
Dark hair?
short hair?
I decided not to go dark...& highlights are expensive upkeep. I'm in a total hair rut!
its already getting all dry from the winter. My fingers are dying with dryness if I don't lotion them every 5 minutes...& it's only October! YIKES!
Any opinions of whether to cut it or keep it long? I'm bored with it!

One of those days

You know those days when you think your phone is broken because you sent your friends a bunch of texts asking questions or looking for information? But then you get a loving text from the husband or someone really special and you realize that no one texted back?
Yeah, that was yesterday for me!
I felt like this at first

but ended up feeling like this



= Simply Perfect.


I have had some seriously WEIRD dreams.

Dreams that are like my day-mares coming true.

It's seriously my psychy goin in for attack!

They are really strange....

I think the husband is rubbing off on me, because this boy has the most intense & strange dreams EVER!


Miss Stolworthy

Dani & Spence in her classroom while the kiddies were at recess.
Then we went & watched Miss Stolworthy be the "star-student" of her own class.
We were her Show & Tell.
Spencer thought "Survivor Island" was hilarious & so very wrong.
Me & Spencie
Here's Wes & Spence at the car shop.
We had a pretty good time I felt like I was on drugs I was so happy. Actually, that came out wrong. Drugs don't make me happy. I just felt really light & all "Whoa!" inside! Just extremely excited that the Jeep was sold!
That night we went to a Halloween party at Syd & Mitch's & it was so fun!

The blessings keep on a'pourin!

This last weekend seriously rocked.
Seriously, folks. Wes & I are 2 of the most blessed & looked out for people ever. I am feelin all good today! I got the FAFSA forms finished! I'm supposed to register tomorrow night, so let's pray for a speedy processing time! And the Jeep is sold! We met a U of U boy in Magna & basically handed it over to him as he handed the credit union the cash...& though I knew Wes would be crying when we pass any rocks or puddles, it is just so much better to be out of debt.
He was in town, which always makes me so happy.

I love getting to spend time with Spence.

I left fur collidge when he wuz thurteen oar foretean.

I miss livin so close to him. No worries, he'll be a coug next year!

She moved here.

Wes got Melissa a job at his work and she starts today! We're so happy to have her up her in Provo to have a little fun in the Provolone party! She came over Sunday night with Kristin & Joel & we all played games & holy cow, I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

This happened.

Wes is handing over the keys to the Jeep.
Yes, we sold the Jeep! A serious answer to prayers.
Out of debt baby & will be FOREVER. All I know is that it is not fun.
The greatest part of the weekend is I got a pretty good amount of time with this face.
Don't be fooled, he looks irritated, but he really loves it. He just loves getting squeezed or rubbed, forehead, cheeks, arm, head, calf. Anywhere, he loves it. His face is like putty & I got to play with it last night after everyone left. His eyes were rollin back into his head bc it felt so good...weirdo.
After a good face squishing I went & washed my face and teefers & this is what I turned around to. Face massages are so relaxing...


Sorry for the baby theme.
This is totally creepy. But I still laugh.

This had to be what my husband was like as a baby, bc he's 1000x more extreme now!

Can you attest to this, Mother-in-Law?


Ever felt like this?
I haven't felt like that in a while! xoxoknockonwood!


This is for you, Mom!

We're highly considering this school for law school:I've got to be honest....I would LOVE this! Knoxville is beautiful & I'd be in my sweet homeland... I'm rooting for UT!!! xoxovols


Feels like forever ago, yet like yesterday, since I've worn one of these!
I have 18.5 credits left until I have my diploma. A few of those are an internship...buuuut.... seriously... I could be done completely. However, I am required to do an internship...& I cannot do an internship until I have taken HLTH 439...which I am going to take in winter. SO, looks like my internship is going to be next summer in Tennessee...which will be better anyway, because it will be more likely to be a paid internship! I need to start researching companies now! I researched graduation I need to apply for graduation before November 15th in order to walk in April. It's such a simple process...I think I'll walk in April. I haven't decided yet, because Wes will be gone for both dates & I want to try to get him to fly to my graduation! Anyways, this is super exciting! I am going to try to talk to CHS in Cool Springs in doing an internship with their women's health program... it's an internship I've created, so I need to give them a call & sell myself to them! So, now I'm going through & trying to figure out filler classes that I want to take before graduation, because I need filler credits now...or I could just be a 3/4 student! I haven't decided yet! Cross your fingers for me! :) xoxoI'mabigkidnow! p.s. the little brother has been applying to BYU this past week! YAY! Spence can be a coug too!

Crafty Me!

Things are getting crafty in the Brinkerhoff abode!
A few weeks ago I made these two treasures.
I am very excited about Christmas & have been crafting away at fun little decorations!
I'm just so excited for the holidays! & right now, Halloween just isn't doin it for me, especially since my hubby's workin through all the festivities!

Grad Skewl

So, Wes has been researching law schools & deciding which one he's going to want to attend.
I am so very excited for him to do it. He loves law, he loves the whole history of the U.S. he wants to be a criminal prosecutor & I know he'll do a great job. He's been at the law fair today & I hope it's been a good one for him. He's been looking into law schools that have the emphasis of National Security that he is interested in. We've also been comparing tuition/fees and cost of living in the areas.
This one is his top:
I've got to say, with my dad working there so much when I was growing up, I wouldn't mind it either, it's beautiful & rich in history just like my little Franklin!
HOWEVER, the school he wants to attend has a tuition out the roof and the cost of living is outrageous...soo we'll consider it & try to work out how we'll make it happen! Of course, it'd be AMAZING for me with Public Health!
Plus, I want to go in this temple!
Then there's Oregon... School costs= not as horrific about $10,000/yr cheaper & then cost of living is ENORMOUSLY lower. Plus, it's beautiful & I'd have my Tennessee green, Wes would have his mountains, win/win!
I think we could have a little fun in this state! Then, there's Washington state. Also green, mountainous & beautiful....plus, it's no Florida beach, but it has one! Lastly, there's good ol' No thank you. I am done. I have loved Provo & loved my experiences here....but I am D-O-N-E here. But, there's other factors. The BYU law school is SO cheap in comparison & housing is cheaper & plenty trashy :) I think I'd like to live out in Springville or somewhere again rather than live near campus again. I like my little get-away to Springville after school and work every night! Of course, after the law fair today Wes could have a million more places he'd like to go to school & practice! I've liked our top 3 options so far! Colorado is also on our radar! All of this is SO fun! xoxomoredecisions!

Why I love my husband.

He loves Christmas-time & holidays more than anyone I know.
We listened to Christmas music in September because we were so excited for Christmas.
I know this has a Christmas theme (I've been making decorations the past few weeks), but my landlord called this a.m. & left a voicemail. I NEVER check my voicemails, but I had to. On Friday I checked my 25 remaining voicemails, so this a.m. I only had 3. Anyways, I had a voicemail from my sweet hubby where he said something along the lines of "I know you never check your voicemails, so you won't get this till around Christmas, so here's for the season..." and then he sang me a Christmas Carol. He leaves me my favorite voicemails of all time.
He can't stand a dirty car & totes the windex, paper-towels & quarters for the vacuum.
He also cannot stand an unmade bed. He makes the bed with or without my help every morning.
He gets the coolest bed hair.
I think his 5 o'clock shadow is sexy.
His smile is worth a million bucks.
He makes me laugh more than anyone can.
I am so very happy around him.
I just love him so much!
Last night driving home from class I may or may not have teared up thinking about February. Thinking about how for 2 months we won't even be able to talk on the phone. Thinking how we won't be able to see eachother for atleast 4 months when I move back to Tennessee & will finally be close enough to come drive up to see him for a weekend. Oh, it's really really going to kill me.
Speaking of, on the news last night it announced the funeral on Friday for a 19-yr old Tooele soldier who was killed in the war. He was a medic. He was shot by a sniper, while saving another soldier. The other soldier lives. I'm really not looking forward to all of this.
But, there are a ton of fun times to be had before then! So, I'll, again, push it out of my brain for as long as I can! Anyone want to move in with me in February? It will be really, really fun! :)
Plus, I'm scared of the dark.


The Henry's

K, these are all out of order, but I'll explain each picture! It was raining off & on throughout the 3 hr ride down the mountain!
Cute Wes! Wheeler model Grandpa & Grandma Stevens They're totally amazing! The old married fogies :) Like my new boots? Wes cleanin up his muddy tracks! Packin up the generator!
Poor Kia, she has a rough life! Jammy time! Natural looooove Wes & Momma Joan Me & Apple-eating Tash Camo is kewl Yeah, I'm a herc-woman.
hahahh Looking for Denver Snow It was such an amazing trip! I love being married to him so much. Little sister Tash Grandpa Stevens & Mama Joan! Me & the husband! On our way to the Henry's! In front of the Capitol Reef sign! Drivin in the Ram Ignore my burning-red eyes.
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