The husband suggested a grand idea of a person of the week.
This little shout out goes to someone who has either come to my mind especially that week, or who has done somethin that I thought was extra special that week.
This shout-out goes to the beautiful Jennalyn Welsh. We met in Elementary School & have been good buddies ever since. Our families were really good friends & would get together all the time when we were younger. Jenna is a kind and sincere person. She is a loyal friend & respects everyone from the get-go. She is the most unprejudiced person I know. She has a contagious laugh & beautiful smile that goes from ear-to-ear. She is loyal to her friends, family & beliefs. She is fun, funny & a hard, hard worker. She is bright & so artistic This girl is talented on so many levels. She is outgoing & athletic. She is pocket-size. She is positive with an optomistic outlook. She is going to be the greatest history teacher! Some awesome pictures of this beautiful girl in high school!



  1. I LOVE Jenna too! She's SPECIAL for sure!!

  2. Jenna is a favorite of mine, too! So happy for you to have such a great friend like this, Rachel! You both are blessed by each other!

  3. I love you rach! You are too nice :) thank you so much, this made my day/week/life! You really have been such a blessing in my life. Thanks for all you do!


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