Rise & Shout!

Everyone at the football game!
Spence & Wes in their "Ponchos" It rained all day...Walgreens was all out of ponchos...we didn't want to drive back to Springville for an umbrella...so plan B! Wes finally thought arm holes would be a better idea This was a surprisingly violent process.
2 of my favorite boys
Giddy'up cosmo!
Don't worry, we won.
(for the 2nd time this season...)
K-Ray & me!
Brother & Husband
"Come here cold little Tennessee boy, let me help you unzip your sweater!"


p.s. thank you for the tickets, Becca!


  1. LOVE seeing all of your fun! The bags are hysterical...especially the BYU on the front of Weston's and then Spencer holding his finger up to punch out his sleeve...so funny! So, the big group picture is especially funny: 1. Weston looks like he has TWO arms around you but one of them is Spencer's and 2. Where's Ben? haha...look closely! So funny! Can you email that one to me? I want to send it to Becky!

  2. This was just the most fun to see all of your fun! All the pictures were great but my favorites were the one of you standing between Wes and Spence, looking like a shorty and the one of you and Wes on the cougar. Like your mom, I'm going to ask you a big favor. Could you please, please email those two photos to me so I can have them, too. Thanks, Rachel for sharing your life with us and making for yourself a great memory keeper!

  3. Is there anyone more photogenic than you? I think not! You are too gorgeous!!! Looks like you had fun!


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